Gear Review: On Spring Apparel

Two women run along a bridge.

Ever since creating their first line of performance running gear in 2016, On has been refining and evolving their collection to deliver ultra sleek and feather light apparel. On’s running apparel can be used not just for runs but for gym sessions, hikes and everyday casual wear.

Their latest spring collection features the lightweight Active Jacket, the cozy Climate Shirt, the breathable Women’s Sprinter Shorts and the versatile Men’s Track Pants.

Fleet Feet Reviewers tested the latest pieces from On to see how they held up during tough workouts, recovery runs and even lounging on the couch. Here’s what you need to know about On’s spring apparel.

On Active Jacket

The On Active Jacket

The On Active Jacket is designed to provide stylish protection from rain, wind and cold in a lightweight package. It’s made with 100 percent polyamide - a durable fiber that absorbs but doesn’t retain moisture. The material is woven in a crosshatch pattern that makes it more resistant to the elements.

“The materials feel super smooth and lightweight, which is a bonus. They also feel durable, like they can hold up to a lot of wear and tear, which is essential for active wear,” says Caroline.

“The fit on this jacket was nice for me. Loose enough to wear insulating layers underneath, but with enough shape to reduce drafts in the sleeves and bottom of the torso. It’s nice and lightweight,” says Alex.

The jacket is unique looking, with an angular zipper across the left shoulder that makes it easier to pull on and off. A large zippered front pocket serves two purposes - to hold your essentials and to hold the jacket itself. That’s right, when you’re done with the jacket it folds into its front pocket for easy stowing. But some reviewers felt that the pocket wasn’t practical for storing items on the run, due to its size and placement.

The pocket of the On Active Jacket.

“The kangaroo pocket is not my top choice for running. Anything you put in there is likely to bounce a little,” Kate says.

While the pocket placement isn’t ideal for running, it works for lower impact activities like walking or hiking. And the material held up in chilly, windy conditions.

“The jacket cut the wind and helped hold in the warmth without making me feel like I was in a greenhouse. It also didn’t absorb my sweat, which was nice,” Alex says.

Overall, reviewers felt that the jacket performed nicely in mildly rainy and windy weather, but that more insulation and protection would be needed for more severe conditions. It’s a perfect option to throw in your backpack or tie around your waist if the weather is looking iffy, thanks to its lightweight design and easy portability.

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On Climate Shirt

A woman smiles as she zips up the On Climate Shirt

The On Climate Shirt is made with 100 percent recycled polyester, so you can reduce your carbon footprint while staying warm and cozy. Lightweight waffle fabric works to keep you warm in cool weather, but remains breathable if temperatures warm up.

“I really love the feel of this shirt. It’s soft and cozy, and provides warmth without being overly bulky or heavy. It’s the perfect companion for a chilly run,” says Caroline.

The On Climate Shirt is filled with helpful features, like a zippered side pocket to store your keys, handy watchholes so you can check your splits and thumb loops to help keep your hands covered. But some reviewers noticed that the arms and body of the shirt ran long, making it difficult to use the watchholes correctly.

“This top is made for people with a long torso. When I wear it, it’s too long for my body. That said, my friend borrowed this top and the fit was perfect. She has a taller frame and longer arms than I do,” Kate says.

Reviewers felt that, despite the minor discrepancies in fit, the Climate Shirt is a great addition to your closet for those early morning runs in the fall and spring when it’s cool out but will likely warm up during your run.

“I like the zip feature on the neck that lets me keep covered or let out a bit of heat. It was about 40 degrees out and it kept me really comfortable,” Kate says.

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Women’s Sprinter Shorts

Two women stretch wearing the On sprinter shorts.

Snug, sleek and lightweight, the Women’s Sprinter Shorts are built for speed. Made with 50 percent recycled materials, these shorts feel lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking – everything you need to go the distance.

“I did some mile repeats in these shorts and they stayed in place very nicely. I didn’t notice them at all during the run. Plus, the material stayed mostly dry in 70 degree heat and felt breathable,” Caroline says.

With a 4.92 inch inseam, the Sprinter Shorts are short enough to allow you to breathe but long enough to stay covered without the need for adjustments mid run.

“I like the cut of these shorts, how they’re high rise and not too short. They come up right above my belly button and fall about halfway down my thigh,” says Caroline.

“The legs migrate up a little bit at the start of my run, but then they stay in place. I didn’t have any trouble with chafing,” Kate says.

The Sprinter Shorts are equipped with five pockets and a built-in mesh belt big enough to store your phone. Reviewers appreciated the thoughtful details, like a key loop sewn into the upper waist pocket.

“These are an excellent go-to short for me. I like to wear shorts like these for races. They make me feel fast and they can hold a gel and a car key and even a mask if needed,” Kate says.

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Men’s Track Pants

A man runs in the On Track Pant

The On Men’s Track Pants are designed to be as versatile as they are comfortable. You can wear them on your run, to the gym or while lounging on the couch binging Netflix. Lightweight fabrics allow you to move freely, and a mesh insert adds breathability.

“These pants are comfy," Andrew says. “They fit true to size and the length isn’t obtrusive no matter what shoe I put on with them.”

With four spacious pockets secured with zippers and buttons, you can store just about anything in these pants without worrying about it staying in place. Drawstrings at the waist and the ankles allow you to cinch down the fit, and long zippers make it easy to pull them on and off over shorts and shoes. Our reviewers appreciated the comfort and convenience.

“The zippers on the legs come all the way up to the knee which made slipping them over my shoes nice and easy, and there’s zippers on the hip pockets - a nice touch for making sure things stay put,” Alex says.

Whether you need cozy pants for chilly running, a sleek pair of warm-ups for the gym, or you just want a stylish option for hanging around the house, the Men’s Track Pants have you covered.

“I definitely think these will become my neighborhood walking pants, and I’ll give them a shot on a run the next time it gets chilly in Austin – which will probably be 2023,” Andrew says.

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