The Fleet Feet Reviewers

A close up shot of two pairs of running shoes, being worn by two runners.

Rain or shine, the Fleet Feet reviewers spend hours logging miles in all the latest shoes so you can make confident and informed decisions about your purchases. Learn more about the members of our review team and what makes them tick below.

Caroline during the 2023 Austin Half Marathon

Caroline Bell

Caroline lives in Boynton Beach, Florida. She’s strictly a road runner who trains through the hot, miserable Florida summers and the beautiful Florida winters.

She prefers soft shoes with loads of cushioning underfoot and some bounciness to help her keep up the pace. Her favorite running shoes are currently the ASICS Novablast 4 and the New Balance SC Trainer v2.

Caroline started running to get in shape for the varsity soccer mile time trial, where she struggled to break 7 minutes. Her proudest running accomplishment is breaking 20 minutes in the 5K and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

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Ashley smiles with her dog.

Ashley Arnold

Ashley lives in Asheville, North Carolina where she trains on paved pathways, gravel roads and single-track trails. She trains through the chilly winters and humid summers, but enjoys the mostly mild weather in the mountains.

She loves to change up her shoes regularly, but she swears by firm shoes for speedwork and trail running. Her favorite running shoes are currently the HOKA Carbon X 3 and the Brooks Catamount.

A former gymnast, Ashley began running when her sister somehow convinced her to run the 300-meter hurdles. Her proudest running accomplishment is winning the 2013 Leadville 100-mile ultramarathon. As a new mother, her main goal is to incorporate running into her schedule while keeping things fun and adventurous.

Kate Schwartz

Kate Schwartz

Kate lives in Asheville, North Carolina. She runs through hilly roads, greenways, and gravel and dirt trails through the Pisgah National Forest. She trains through humid, muggy summers, mild winters and gorgeous springs and falls.

She loves her shoes to be lightweight and responsive. While she appreciates a nice, thick slab of cushioning underfoot, she doesn’t like anything that’s too soft. Her favorite shoes are the HOKA Cielo X1 and the On Cloudeclipse.

Kate knew she had potential as a runner after beating all the boys in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test in elementary school. She signed up for track and cross country and continued to compete through college and beyond. She considers her half marathon PR of 1:17:01 to be her proudest running accomplishment, along with her ability to pursue new running goals as a mom approaching the master’s category.

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Nate Helming

Nate Helming

Nate lives in Bend, Oregon where he frequents both paved and gravel roads as well as technical trails around town. He runs through warm, dry summers and cold winters, frequently through snow and ice.

Because Nate has wide, high volume feet, he prefers shoes with roomy toe boxes. He also prefers firm, stable and responsive shoes over soft ones. His shoe rotation currently includes the Brooks Ghost Max and Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 for road runs and the Altra Timp 5 and Altra Experience Wild for trail runs.

Nate began running to get in shape for soccer in junior high, but soon realized that he’d rather be running laps than shooting goals. He’s been running ever since, a consistency he considered to be his proudest running accomplishment.

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Mandy Wahl.

Mandy Wahl

Mandy lives in Greensboro, North Carolina where she trains on single-track trails and greenways. She runs through hot, muggy summers and mild winters.

Mandy loves bouncy shoes that add some spring to her step. While she doesn’t like overly cushioned shoes, she enjoys a moderate amount of midsole foam underfoot. Her current roundup includes the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 and the On Cloudsurfer.

Mandy began running in college after her then-boyfriend told her he liked girls who ran. She ditched the boyfriend but kept the running routine, and has found joy and tranquility on the trails. Her proudest running accomplishment is finishing the challenging Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50K while 20 months pregnant.

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Max Coatney

Max Coatney

Max resides in Chicago, a city he describes as the best–and windiest–city for running. He mostly runs on city sidewalks and the paved Lakefront Trail, unless he can make a trek to the single-track trails in the suburbs. A true Midwesterner, he loves running through all four seasons.

Max enjoys a balanced blend of firm-to-soft in his running shoes and, as someone with self-described weak ankles, appreciates a wide, stable base. His current line-up includes the

New Balance 1080 v13 for easy runs, the ASICS Novablast 4 for tempo days, and the HOKA Mafate Speed 4 for trails. He’s excited to add the HOKA Cielo X1 and New Balance Rebel v4 to his lineup, too. Max started running when he joined the Fleet Feet Chicago team. He soon completed his first half marathon, a major victory after landing in the hospital for a collapsed lung just six months prior. His proudest accomplishment is earning third place on the .37-mile Strava segment outside the Fleet Feet corporate headquarters in North Carolina, surpassing other speedy coworkers who won’t be named.

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Travis Myers-Arrigoni

Travis Myers-Arrigoni

Travis lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where the winters are harsh and the summers are warm and humid. He spends his time on both roads and trails–depending on the terrain of his next race, of course.

Travis prefers neutral running shoes that are lightweight with a wide base for support. The more bounce, the better! His favorite shoes right now are the ASICS Novablast 4 and the On Cloudeclipse.

He started running cross-country in eighth grade to get in shape for basketball season, and soon realized he was much better at running fast than shooting hoops.

His proudest running accomplishment is pushing past the dreaded wall to run a blazing 2:29:19 at the 2022 Boston Marathon. As if that wasn’t enough, he turned around and earned an 11th place at the Pittsburgh Marathon just two weeks later. He hopes to run a 100-mile race and qualify for Western States someday.

Spencer Lyman is a Fleet Feet wear tester.

Spencer Lyman

Spencer lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He typically runs on either pavement or grass. The winters are mild, allowing him to train without ice or snow.

Spencer thrives in stability shoes, and tends to prefer softer models. He loves the Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 and the ASICS GEL-Kayano 30.

He began accidentally running competitively during his first year of high school, after joining the winter track team to stay in shape for baseball. That spiraled into joining the cross country team to stay in shape for winter track and, before he knew it, he was running competitively until last semester in college. Sticking with it and remaining consistent for over a decade is his proudest running accomplishment.

Heather Fencik is a Fleet Feet wear tester.

Heather Fencik

Heather lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. She mostly sticks to the roads, but she appreciates a good trail run when time allows. Living in the Midwest, she experiences all four seasons as she trains.

Heather loves soft yet responsive shoes. Her latest favorites are the ASICS Superblast and ASICS Novablast 4.

She started running in her late twenties out of curiosity. After hating running as a kid, she was surprised to find herself training for her first half marathon. Once she conquered the half, she was hooked. Her proudest running accomplishment is showing her two children that their mom can do hard things, from a 5K all the way to a 50K.

Brandon Rossi

Brandon Rossi

Brandon is a recent Seattle transplant who's just getting used to the rainy weather after living in California.

He enjoys neutral shoes with soft, squishy cushioning and a high stack height. On race days, you can find him in a responsive shoe to help shave off those precious seconds. His favorite shoes at the moment are the Nike Alphafly 1, the Nike Vaporfly 3, the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2, the ASICS Superblast and the ASICS Novablast 3.

Brandon started running on his middle school cross country team at the age of 12. The challenge of the sport and the community of the team kept him going all the way to his first marathon–his proudest running accomplishment. He is currently on the market for a running coach to help him get back on track for another marathon training cycle.

Tony DeLuca

Tony DeLuca

Tony lives in Connecticut, where he manages the Fleet Feet Westport store. He sticks to the roads and enjoys running in all types of weather–that is, when he's not making videos for our Fleet Feet YouTube channel.

He enjoys firm, stable shoes. His favorite shoes in his rotation right now are the Saucony Guide 17, the Brooks Ghost Max and the On Cloudmonster Hyper. He's a firm believer that you don't need a carbon-plated shoe for race day!

Tony started running with the goal of living a healthier lifestyle. After being dragged to his first 5K and tasting that first, delicious sip of post-race beer, he decided to sign up for his first half-marathon. Now, two full marathons later, he's hooked!

Running has provided Tony with a way to stay active and challenge himself, as well as set a good example for his daughter.