Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet makes comfortable, durable insoles for running, hiking and working all day.

Each insole is sculpted to match the natural curves of your heels and arches, so you feel support with each step. That support translates into increased comfort and relief for your tired, aching feet.

Plus, an an energizing foundation enhances the way your feet move by dispersing impact and decreasing the stress of movement on your entire body. Shop all Superfeet insoles at Fleet Feet, and get free shipping on orders over $99.

How Do Superfeet Insoles Work?

The footbeds of traditional running shoes are flat inside, which means they don’t actually interact with your feet when you move. Even stability running shoes that use a medial post don’t influence how your feet actually load and unload; they only make sure your shoes are wearing evenly.

To give you actual support, Superfeet created the shape of its insoles to match the contours of your foot. When you purchase a pair of Superfeet insoles, you can be sure they will cradle your heel and hug your arches for a naturally supportive fit.

How to Trim Superfeet Insoles to Fit Your Shoe

There are a few simple steps to properly trimming a Superfeet insole to fit in your shoe. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Remove the stock insole from the shoe you plan to use with the Superfeet insole
  2. Place your shoe’s insole on top of the Superfeet insole
  3. Line up the insoles by the heel and the medial (inside) edge
  4. Using a pen or marker, trace the outline of the shoe insole onto the Superfeet insole
  5. Using sharp scissors, trim along the line you just traced and discard the trimming
  6. Insert the Superfeet insole into your shoe in place of the insole that came with the shoe

Free Shipping & Returns

Not sure about buying a new pair of Superfeet insoles? Don't sweat it. Get free shipping on orders over $99 when you shop on

If you don't like how your new insoles look, fit or feel, we'll take them back within 60 days. That's our Happy Fit Guarantee.

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