Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet Insoles give you heavy-duty shock absorption and legendary support, making them some of the best insoles for running, comfort and pain relief.

When you’re not quite getting the support you need from the two-dimensional liner in your running shoe, Superfeet insoles add a three-dimensional shape underfoot. Designers sculpt each insole to match the natural curves of your heels and arches, so you feel supported with each step.

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About Superfeet

Superfeet makes comfortable, durable insoles for running, walking, hiking and working all day.

The footbeds of traditional running shoes are flat inside, which means they don’t actually interact with your feet when you move. Even stability running shoes that use a medial post don’t influence how your feet actually load and unload; they only make sure your shoes are wearing evenly.

To give you arch support, Superfeet created the shape of its insoles to match the contours of your foot. The natural shape helps stabilize and cushion your foot with a deep, structured heel cup and full-length foam. That support translates into increased comfort and relief for your tired, aching feet.

When considering if you need insoles for your running shoes, know that they can help you with not just your running, but with many areas of your life. Some runners and walkers purchase Superfeet to help with flat feet or plantar fasciitis while others report relief from foot, heel, Achilles, knee, hip and lower back pain.

With more than 40 years of experience making insoles, Superfeet continues to innovate new ways to deliver shape and support to make a positive difference in your life. Along the way, the Superfeet shape and design have earned more than 40 U.S. and international patents and set the standard for foot and arch support.

Which Color Superfeet Insole is Right for You?

A wide variety of Superfeet insoles, each gives you different arch shapes and support levels to best match your foot and lifestyle.

To figure out what Superfeet Insole you need, it helps to know your arch height, instep and the type of shoe you plan to put them in. Superfeet offers a variety of insoles for pain relief, performance, comfort and daily use. Different colors provide different arch heights, shapes, cushion and dynamic support to best match your individual foot and lifestyle.

When comparing different insoles, for example, Superfeet All-Purpose Support High Arch Insoles have a high, firm arch shape and a deep, wide heel cup, Superfeet Run Dynamic Cushion Low Arch Insoles have a low arch shape and a more flexible, dynamic fit, and Superfeet Run Support High Arch Insoles have a high arch shape with a gel pad in the heel to disperse the impact from running. If you’re unsure, the best way to be sure you are using the correct shape and color insole is to visit local Fleet Feet and be fit for Superfeet insoles using our 3D foot-scanning technology.

How to Trim Superfeet Insoles to Fit Your Shoe

There are a few simple steps to properly trimming a Superfeet insole to fit in your shoe. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Remove the stock insole from the shoe you plan to use with the Superfeet insole
  2. Place your shoe’s insole on top of the Superfeet insole
  3. Line up the insoles by the heel and the medial (inside) edge
  4. Using a pen or marker, trace the outline of the shoe insole onto the Superfeet insole
  5. Using sharp scissors, trim along the line you just traced and discard the trimming
  6. Insert the Superfeet insole into your shoe in place of the insole that came with the shoe

How Long Do Superfeet Insoles Last?

Superfeet insoles generally last up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

If you are unsure of when you should replace your Superfeet, here are a few signs that can tell you it’s time to buy a new pair of insoles for your running shoes:

  1. White marks from bending on the plastic heel cup, similar to how a credit card looks when damaged.
  2. The medial arch support shape is rubbed away or worn down.
  3. The shape of your foot is clearly imprinted over the entire insole or has worn through the fabric.
  4. The Superfeet logo is no longer visible in the heel cup.

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