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Shopping for the best running clothes can take you all over town and to every corner of the internet. It’s hard to find the clothes that meet all your needs—the right fit, the right materials and the right number of pockets.

But when you find the best running shorts or the best running jacket, it’s hard to go back to what you were wearing before.

Top brands engineer the best running clothes specifically to work better when you’re on the move. Technical fabrics wick sweat and dry quickly, while athletic fits keep excess fabric at bay.

We collected the best running apparel, so every runner can find what works for them. Make sure to pair your running clothes with some of the best running shoes and best running gear, so you have everything you need to succeed.

Best Running Tops

A lady in a pink New Balance top drinking out of a water bottle.

Whether it’s hot or cold, running shirts have an important job: keeping you comfortable and dry.

A high-quality running shirt can make all the difference.

The best running shirts use soft, technical fabrics that wick sweat away from your skin and dry in a snap. Short-sleeve versions keep you cooler in warm weather, and long-sleeve models are great for layering when it gets cold.

We picked out the best men’s and women’s running shirts for every run:

Best Running Bottoms

Two runners in black tights standing

The perfect pair of running shorts, pants and tights can ensure comfort mile after mile.

Whether you are looking for speedy shorts or durable pants and tights, you'll find a wide range of technology and styles to choose from.

From breezy two-inch split shorts meant for the lightest feel to full-coverage options with plenty of pockets, theres something for every runner.

Gear up for cold-weather runs with the best running pants and tights, designed to help you warm up and wind down.

Plus, pants and tights with soft fabrics can pull double duty as your favorite lounging threads, too.

Here are our picks for the best running bottoms for men and women:

Best Running Outerwear

A lady wearing on On jacket adjusting her headlamp

Rain or shine, the best running jackets and vests are essential to your running kit.

The best running jackets are designed with lightweight, breathable technology that lets you shrug off wind and rain while keeping you warm and dry. Layer your jacket with a base shirt or even a vest for some extra warmth on those cold winter runs.

A vest alone can be a great addition to your running outfit. The best running vests keep your core warm as you run and feature weather-resistant fabrics, full-length zippers and pockets for you to carry all your stuff.

Here are our picks of the best running jackets and vests for men and women:

Best Cold Weather Gear

Reflective Masthead

As the days get shorts and the nights get longer, add some warm and reflective gear to your running outfit.

Our selection of winter tights, jackets, and equipment will keep you warm and make you visible to passing cars and cyclists on the roads, or to light your own path as you tackle the trails. Weather-proof technology and super-comfortable fabric lets you stay warm and dry in all conditions.

Check out our lightest and brightest reflective picks and best winter running clothes:

Best Hot Weather Gear

A woman laces up her trail running shoes

Keep your cool when the mercury rises with the best hot weather running gear.

We chose tops and bottoms with performance moisture control and lightning-fast dry times that will help you cool off on even the hottest days. Complete your look with accessories that will protect you from the sun and stay hydrated during long days out on the road or trail.

Find everything you need to run in style this summer:

Best Sports Bras for Running

Two women in On sports bras

Proper support is essential to having a comfortable, injury free run. Thats why finding the right sports bra for your body and activity level is so important.

Find a variety of sports bras with adjustable support, moisture-wicking material and flattering shapes so you can express your unique style. Whether you prefer something that pulls over or closes at the front or back, you're sure to find the perfect sports bra for you in our wide selection.

Best Running Socks

A woman puts on socks before running.

The best running socks can make your run all the more comfortable by providing the just-right support to prevent chafing or uncomfortable rubbing.

Whether you like a traditional crew sock or something less visible, our selection of best running socks includes a wide range of materials, cushioning and cuts.

How We Picked the Best Running Clothes

There are some easy things to look for when choosing the best running clothes: technical fabrics are better at wicking sweat and keeping your dry than cotton, and athletic cuts keep the clothes streamlined for easier movement.

Finding the best running clothes for you, though, comes down to personal preferences and styles. Like the best running shoes, there are lots of different things to think about.

Are you most comfortable in 2” split shorts or do you want more coverage from the 7” pair? How many pockets do you need? We got you covered.

We picked the best running clothes to span a wide range of fits and style while maintaining premium materials and excellent quality. Check out our running accessory guide to have everything you'll need on your next run.

Standing Behind Our Choices

Shopping for running clothes online is hard. You don’t know for sure how a shirt or a pair of pants will fit until you try it on. We want to make that easier.

We want you to get the right clothes and gear. That’s why we offer our Happy Fit Guarantee return policy.

Buy new running clothes from Fleet Feet and give them a try—log some miles, get in a few workouts, lounge around. If you don’t love the way the clothes look, fit or perform, send them back within 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

Plus, get free shipping on any order over $99, and return shipping is always on us.

Want to try something on in person first? Find a Fleet Feet location near you.