Shoe Review: Saucony Triumph 21

A woman stands on the steps in a pair of Saucony Triumph 21.

What do you think when you hear the word “triumph?” Maybe it reminds you of cruising down the home stretch to a new PR, or topping the podium at a local race. Maybe it makes you think of the simple act of lacing your shoes up everyday and getting out there. For one Fleet Feet reviewer, it reminds her of the joyful glee that comes with finding the perfect pair of running shoes.

“The Triumph 20 has been my shoe for the past year,” Caroline says. “I actually wore my test pair into the ground and went out and bought another pair. That’s right, I spent money on a pair of shoes when I get multiple pairs delivered to my door for free every month. That’s how much I loved the Triumph 20.”

Better yet, the latest version of the Saucony Triumph is available in Fleet Feet exclusive colorways to help you stand out from the crowd. Can the latest update to Saucony’s highly cushioned neutral trainer fill the shoes of the Triumph 20? Read on to find out.

Tech Specs

Saucony Triumph 21

Weight 8.8 oz (W), 9.8 oz (M)
Heel-to-toe drop 10 mm
Stack height (heel/forefoot) 37 mm/27 mm
Category Neutral
Surface Road, track
Comparable to... New Balance More v4, ASICS GEL-Cumulus 25




PWRRUN+ cushioning offers comfort for the long haul

A man and woman run up the stairs wearing the Saucony Triumph 21.

If you enjoyed running in the Saucony Triumph 20, you’ll be delighted to hear that the latest version offers the same midsole design and materials. A thick, plush bed of PWRRUN+ foam cushions every stride, while a PWRRUN+ sockliner offers an immediately welcoming step-in feel.

PWRRUN+ foam was first introduced in Saucony shoes in 2019, offering the runner’s trifecta—a lighter weight, a more flexible ride and a more durable construction than their traditional PWRRUN foam. It’s been used in every version of the Triumph since the 17th iteration, and it’s easy to see why.

“The PWRRUN+ cushioning offers a plush and luxurious feeling when I slide my foot into it,” Adina says. “I really like how the shoe performs going uphill and the smoothness of running downhill.”

The shoe’s stack height of 37 millimeters in the heel and 27 in the forefoot puts it in the high range for daily trainers, making it a great option for runners who crave ample cushioning underfoot.

“I love how cushioned this shoe is in the heel, and I love the soft yet resilient PWRRUN+ foam,” says Caroline. “It really provides the perfect level of softness for me. I look forward to many future runs in the Triumph 21!”

Reviewers also enjoyed how the midsole seems to provide a bit of extra spring in your step, which isn’t necessary for a daily trainer but always appreciated.

“Despite how tired I was during my initial test run, the Triumph 21 felt peppy,” Kate says. “It offered much-needed support and cushion along the way. I love how the shoe feels super soft, and is still highly responsive. It has that bouncy, energetic feel that I love.”

The Triumph 21 features a partially exposed outsole made with durable X10 rubber. While some portions of the midsole foam remain exposed to save weight (rubber is heavier than foam), it has enough coverage to hold up to the daily wear and tear of training.

Redesigned upper locks down fit

A woman walks across rocks in the Saucony Triumph 21.

While the midsole of the Triumph 21 remains the same as the previous version, the main updates to the shoe lie in the fit and feel of the upper. It’s made with a flat knit material that’s more breathable than previous versions, making those hot summer runs much more bearable.

“The upper in the Triumph 21 is super breathable, and I know this to be a fact because I tested these on a 95-degree afternoon and my feet stayed comfortable,” says Caroline. “It was the only part of my body that was comfortable, but that’s besides the point.”

A padded heel collar and tongue add to the luxurious feeling of the shoe, while a handy pull tab on the back of the heel makes it easy to slip on. Reviewers found the fit to be just right—roomy in the forefoot and snug in the heel and midfoot.

“The Triumph 21 is true to size for me,” Nate says. “The soft upper offers great breathability and the gusseted tongue stays locked in place.”

Another change to the Triumph is the gilley lacing system, the extra loops the laces feed through outside of the regular lace cage. Saucony made these loops smaller and closer to the top of the foot than in the Triumph 20 to hold your heel and ankle firmly in place.

Overall, these subtle changes to the upper make the Triumph 21 feel more breathable and fit more securely than its predecessor.

Saucony Triumph 21 vs Triumph 20

A side by side comparison of the Saucony Triumph 21 and the Triumph 20.

Tech Specs

Saucony Triumph 21

Saucony Triumph 20


8.8 oz (W), 9.8 oz (M)

8.8 oz (W), 9.7 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

10 mm

10 mm

Stack height (heel/forefoot)

37 mm/27 mm

37 mm/27 mm

Comparing the tech specs, the Saucony Triumph 21 looks nearly identical to the Triumph 20—and it almost is, save for a few tweaks in the upper. This is great news for runners who fell in love with the Triumph 20 last summer.

“I was pleased to realize that the Triumph 21 is mostly the same as the previous version,” Caroline says. “I didn’t notice any differences in the ride and performance, other than that they feel a bit fresher than my current pair of the Triumph 20 that have been very well loved.”

The new, flat knit upper provides extra breathability and the updated gilley lacing system adds a more secure fit. Plus, the Triumph 21 is available in fun, fresh colorways that are sure to turn heads.

“The yellow color that I got to test is so pretty,” Kate says. “It makes me want to stay away from dirt so that I can keep them pristine. I won’t, but they really do have a nice look.”

How does the Saucony Triumph 21 compare?

We took a look at some comparable shoes to see how they stack up against the new Saucony Triumph 21. Here’s what we found.

Tech Specs

Saucony Triumph 21

New Balance More v4

ASICS GEL-Cumulus 25


8.8 oz (W), 9.8 oz (M)

9 oz (W), 10.9 oz (M)

8 oz (W), 9.3 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

10 mm

4 mm

8 mm

Stack height

37 mm/27 mm

34 mm/30 mm

36.5 mm/28.5 mm (W), 37.5 mm/29.5 mm (M)





Fleet Feet reviewers put the Saucony Triumph 21 in the highly cushioned, neutral daily trainer category where it fits in with the New Balance More v4 and the ASICS GEL-Cumulus 25. Technically, the Cumulus 25 is one step below ASICS’ max-cushioned Nimbus 25, but reviewers felt the cushioning in the Cumulus resembled the Triumph 21 more closely.

All three shoes are similar in weight, with the Triumph 21 falling right in between the More v4 and Cumulus 25. All three shoes offer similar stack heights, too. But what drew the most comparison among reviewers was the soft yet bouncy feel of the midsole cushioning.

“The midsole foam is where the Triumph 21 really sings,” says Nate. “I appreciate the softer foam in the heel for slower miles and the firmer, more responsive feel in the forefoot for quicker and snappier steps.”

A man and woman sit down, taking a break from their run, wearing the Saucony Triumph 21.

Who is the Saucony Triumph 21 best for?

The Saucony Triumph 21 is a great selection for runners seeking a maximally cushioned daily trainer that can stand up to plenty of miles. Our reviewers liked it for easy runs, recovery days and long runs during marathon training.

“I took the Triumph 21 out for a few runs when I needed something soft, since my legs felt dead after some particularly challenging gym workouts,” Max says. “These shoes were perfect for that. The cushioning feels soft, but not too soft, and it has more energy return than others in its class.”

Because the Triumph 21 offers a supremely secure fit thanks to its gilley lacing system, it’s a nice choice for runners who have narrow heels and frequently experience heel slippage. If you’re not sure about the width of your heels or you just want to learn more about the shape of your feet, be sure to head into your local Fleet Feet for an expert one-on-one outfitting.

Fleet Feet outfitters use 3D fit id® foot scanning technology to gather information about your feet and the support they need by taking precise measurements of your foot length, width and arch height.

Don't forget to check out the Fleet Feet exclusive colorways of the Saucony Triumph 21, part of the Saucony Finesse collection.

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