Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Fleet Feet, we believe that running has the power to spark positive and lasting change. Our brand vision states that we inspire the runner in everyone.

When it comes to issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), we recognize that we cannot change for the better without an ongoing focus that’s tethered to specific, time-sensitive, measurable goals executed with transparency.

Fleet Feet has the responsibility to bring our brand vision to life so that “everyone” truly means everyone, and we have created two key pillars of action and accountability to focus our efforts: people and partnerships.

These pillars are pivotal in transforming our current state of underrepresentation of marginalized communities across the brand into one of social and racial equity, inclusiveness and diversity.

Pillars & Ongoing Commitments

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Pillar one: People

Create a more diverse workforce and a culture that values and reflects diverse perspectives, voices, backgrounds and beliefs.

Commitment #1

Continue to ensure our company structure (i.e. processes, policies and programs) is equitable for all Store Support Team, Distribution Center and Company Store employees.

To accomplish this, we’re focused on the foundation of DEI within our culture.

  • We improved our employee handbook to include our diversity mission statement and used a new software system, Textio, to review and enhance our handbook language to make it more inclusive.
  • We updated our corporate and distribution center’s Volunteer Time Off policies to include civil protests, and added two paid holidays to our calendar: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Juneteenth, plus a floating holiday so our employees can recognize a day that is important to them.
  • We have implemented an annual pay equity assessment with a goal in mind to guarantee parity among all company-owned employees. This evaluation encompasses a thorough analysis of factors such as gender, race, and ethnicity.
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Commitment #2

Continue to expand our recruitment efforts to increase the number of underrepresented candidates and, ultimately, our workforce.

  • We review all Fleet Feet job postings using Textio to eliminate biased language and engage a broader range of qualified candidates.
  • In 2021 we hired a Talent Acquisition Manager with experience in increasing the number of unrepresented candidates and employees. The team has grown to include a Recruiting Coordinator and Recruiter who prioritize increasing the diversity of our workforce. Our recruiter was hired after taking part in our inaugural internship program.
  • In 2022, we launched our first annual paid internship program focused on Black recruitment. The internship program has since expanded to include candidates from all underrepresented groups.
  • To find candidates, our Talent Acquisition team focuses on building relationships on university campuses with diverse student populations, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The team attends in-person and virtual career fairs, career awareness events and partners with schools to participate in resume review workshops for their students. In 2023, we hired three summer interns from an HBCU in North Carolina.

Commitment #3

Continue ongoing DEI education for the Store Support Team, Distribution Center and Company Store employees, and create opportunities for discussion and dialogue.

  • All employees of company owned locations are required to complete our Diversity & Harassment training. In 2024, we will add training focused on managing bias and how to create a culture of belonging.
  • We are working to establish two Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) by 2024. ERGs are designed to create a safe space that supports community and education while upholding Fleet Feet Core Values. Employees will be encouraged to learn and grow outside their designated areas through development and mentorship opportunities.
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Pillar two: Partnerships

Support the growth, success and vitality of BIPOC organizations, charities, non-profits, events, athletes and content creators in the running community through Fleet Feet’s resources, funds, platforms and industry leadership.

Commitment #1

Use our charitable arm, Do The Run Thing, to raise money, awareness and resources for Black-led organizations and underserved groups in the running community.

Learn more about Fleet Feet’s partnership with Black Girls RUN!

Commitment #2

Establish and maintain pathways, tools and resources for successful partnerships at the local level between national organizations and Fleet Feet franchise and company-owned doors.

Learn more about Fleet Feet’s partnership with Latinos Run and the annual Hispanic Heritage 5K

Commitment #3

Use our platform in allyship to elevate the voices of BIPOC runners, athletes and leaders, and create space for candid conversations about racism within the running community.

Watch the PBS series Out and Back with Alison Mariella Désir, with title sponsorship by Fleet Feet.

Commitment #4

Continue to diversify our freelance contributor pool with BIPOC contributors, influencers and content creators.

Read articles by RUNGRL, Stephanie Garcia, Claire Green, Mike Moreau and Adina Crawford

Commitment #5

Lead change within the running industry through partnerships and participation in action-oriented coalitions and endeavors focused on creating opportunity and fostering allyship with the Black community.

Read more about the Running Industry Diversity Coalition.