Gear Review: On Weather Jacket

A woman wearing the On Weather Jacket in white

Take shelter in the On Weather Jacket.

On engineered the Weather Jacket for lightweight protection in unpredictable weather; chilly, windy, rainy or something in between, the Weather Jacket can handle it.

The Weather Jacket boasts premium Japanese fabrics constructed with practical features to make it worthy of a spot in your closet. Fleet Feet reviewers tried out the On Weather Jacket to get a feel for how it fits and performs. Here’s what they thought.

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Tech specs

On Weather Jacket


7.73 oz (W), 9.79 oz (M)


Polyester and elastane, polyamide






Durable water-repellant (DWR)

On Weather Jacket Fit and Materials

A woman zipping up the On Weather Jacket

One reviewer was blown away by the versatility of the Weather Jacket. “I have comfortably worn this jacket in temps ranging from 32 degrees to 55 degrees, and in varying climates,” she says. “From the cool, dry high Rockies to the damp, humid southern Appalachians, it performs equally well in both places.”

The same reviewer selected the Weather Jacket for her Leadville 100-mile trail race kit. “I wore it quite a bit during the race,” she says. It’s so versatile because it breathes well and it’s water resistant and protective against the wind.”

On designers cut the Weather Jacket from a few different fabrics that give the jacket the right performance, right where you need it.

The main body is a 100-percent polyamide fabric. The body is light and thin—the fabric is so thin you can see light through it—to help encourage air flow, a major bonus for running. Another layer of polyamide on the back gives the jacket a bit of stretch.

A woman folds her On Weather Jacket into its pocket

Inside, On sewed in a thin mesh layer around the chest and shoulders. The mesh improves breathability and helps dump excess heat and moisture through the front and rear vent flaps.

On tailored the Weather Jacket for an athletic fit. The sleeves are slim through the forearm, and the shoulders and chest have just the right amount of room to allow your arms to swing freely when you run. If you’re planning to wear the Weather Jacket with longer (and warmer) layers for cold temperatures, though, consider sizing up to accommodate the extra bulk.

There’s only one pocket on the Weather Jacket. The zippered chest pocket gives you a place to stash your essentials, and you can flip it inside-out to pack the entire jacket away when you don’t need it.

The packability is another feature our testers loved, especially on long runs. It’s easy to store in a waist belt or running vest.

On Weather Jacket Performance

A woman wearing the On Weather Jacket in white

Another standout feature of the On Weather Jacket is the hood.

The hood has a generous bill on the front to help keep precipitation out of your face, and On designed it with an adjustable drawcord to create a snug fit around your head. The best part of the drawcord is its simple operation; just pull on the tab in the back to dial in the fit and keep the hood in place.

“I love this feature,” says one tester, “because it eliminates the need for me to run with a hat in the rain. And this is the first time I’ve really enjoyed a hood on the run.”

The hood of the On Weather Jacket

On also designed the Weather Jacket to be lightweight. The men’s jacket weighs 9.79 oz, and the women’s version weighs 7.73 oz—lighter than many average running shoes. The light weight and slim cut make it feel streamlined. Nothing is cumbersome, and it’s barely noticeable when you’re on the move.

“I love the slim fit,” one tester says. “Nothing gets in the way. Every detail feels very purposeful.”

The cuffs are another small detail that designers elevated. The cuffs are asymmetrical, with a longer cut on the back of the hand and a shorter length on the palm. Like the bill on the hood, the cuffs help keep water off of your skin, but the shorter cut on the palm side keeps the cuffs out of your way when you’re zipping up the jacket or grabbing a water bottle.

To make it weather resistant, On coated the fabric in a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish that sheds precipitation and keeps it from soaking through into your base layer.


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The On Weather Jacket is so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it, but it’ll still keep you sheltered from the storm. Plus, it’s easy to pack away and store in a waist belt or running vest.

Stretchy, lightweight fabrics create a jacket that moves with you, and a durable water-repellent finish ensures rain rolls right off your back. An adjustable hood with a bill shields your face from rain, and the drawcord hem allows you to dial in the fit.

Protection from the wind and rain doesn’t have to weigh you down, and the minimalist On Weather Jacket proves it.

According to one of our reviewers, the Weather Jacket is a must-have layer. “If you only have money to spend on one piece of layering gear to wear for running, walking, biking, hiking and backpacking,” she says, “this is the jacket you need.”

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