Designed from millions of 3D foot scans, Karhu creates premium running shoes with data-driven insights for its signature fit.

Karhu uses high powered Fulcrum technology and lightweight midsoles to create a cushioned feel and balanced ride.

About Karhu

Founded in 1916, A century of running meets over 40 years of Fit. Introducing Karhu, the Finnish running performance brand available only at Fleet Feet.

Meaning “bear” in Finnish, Karhu and its "Flying Finn" athletes have a legacy of dominant running performances thanks to continued advancements in technology. The brand's patented Fulcrum technology uses a runner's natural energy to create a smoother ride and keep all forces moving forward.

Karhu Running Shoe Technology

Karhu running shoes combine the Finnish company's celebrated history with new-age technology to create running shoes that are unlike any other. Tested in labs and put to work in the real world, Karhu shoes will give you the edge you need to run your best race yet.

  • Shaped by fit id®: Using data from millions of 3D foot scans taken during Fleet Feet’s fit id outfitting process, Karhu developed a number of lasts to make their running shoes fit most feet comfortably while maintaining a fast feel.
    • Ortix: The generic last refers to the geometry of the midsole, volume of the upper and overall measurements of the last.
    • HiVo: High volume last for people who need a bit more room in their shoes.
    • HeraFit: This last is specifically for women’s shoes and is shaped to address the differences between women and men’s feet, particularly the instep and forefoot.
  • Fulcrum technology: Karhu’s Fulcrum technology is designed to keep your momentum moving forward. Tested in university labs, the Fulcrum helps reduce vertical oscillation and stabilize unwanted side-to-side movement so you can run smoother. It is designed for forward movement by offering balanced cushion, increased support and more energy at toe-off.
  • AeroFoam: Karhu’s proprietary midsole foam. It’s lighter and more temperature-resistant than standard EVA.
  • AeroFoam Nova: A liquid-based foam that improves shock absorption and is more durable than other cushioning.
  • M Lock: Seen as an “M” logo on the side of each shoe, the panel helps secure the shoe around your foot for a snug fit

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