Shoe Review: Saucony Triumph 20

A side profile of the women's Saucony Triumph 20 as it sits on a step.

The Saucony Triumph 20, one of our best cushioned running shoes, fits like a glove and feels like a dream.

Made with new PWRRUN PLUS cushioning, Saucony’s softest midsole foam yet, the Triumph 20 serves up a luxuriously smooth ride with every stride. A brand-new upper provides comfort and breathability, while external lacing loops on either side of the midfoot offer a secure fit.

Fleet Feet reviewers put the Saucony Triumph 20 to the test during recovery miles, long runs and neighborhood walks. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest version of the Triumph.

Tech Specs

Saucony Triumph 20

Saucony Triumph 19


8.8 oz (W), 9.7 oz (M)

9.1 oz (W), 10.2 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

10 mm

8 mm







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Saucony Triumph 20 Serves Up a Smooth Ride

The outsole of the Saucony Triumph 20.

The Saucony Triumph is in its 20th iteration and has built a reputation for providing a soft, smooth ride thanks to ample cushioning. The latest version sits atop a thick, bouncy slab of PWRRUN PLUS midsole foam.

PWRRUN PLUS foam was first introduced in the Triumph 17, which launched in 2019. It offered a lighter weight, a more flexible ride and more durability than the PWRRUN cushioning used in prior versions of the Triumph.

Reviewers enjoyed the plush ride of the Triumph 20.

“I love how cushioned these are, especially in the heel,” Caroline says. “The generous amount of foam underfoot feels both soft and bouncy. While they are highly cushioned, they also have a flexible forefoot, which means each stride feels smooth and fluid.”

Thanks to extra cushioning in the heel, the Triumph 20 features a higher heel-to-toe drop than the previous version – 2 millimeters to be exact. This means that there’s a 10 millimeter difference between your heel and forefoot while wearing the shoes. Shoes with higher heel-to-toe drops can relieve pressure from your calves and achilles, helping to manage common running injuries like tendonitis. And thanks to a gentle rocker shape, you can transition quickly and efficiently from heel to toe.

I really like the way these shoes feel on the run,” Kate says. “The cushion offers protection from the pounding of the road with just the right amount of give and take. It’s got a bit of bounce to it that I found really enjoyable.”

A durable rubber outsole in the Saucony Triumph 20 helps these shoes stand up to the wear and tear of your daily miles and long runs.

Re-designed Upper Offers Long-Lasting Comfort

A close up view of the upper on the Saucony Triumph 20.

The latest version of the Saucony Triumph is made with a brand new mesh upper that wraps comfortably around your foot, providing comfort and support. A soft, plush tongue holds your foot in place while padding around the heel and ankle prevents heel slippage.

The textured laces are grippy enough to stay tied, while extra eyelets allow you to secure the fit with different lacing techniques, like the marathon loop.

Reviewers noticed the cloud-like materials in the Saucony Triumph 20.

“I really love how soft and cushioned the shoes feel all over,” Caroline says. “The padded tongue and heel collar offer extra support, and the upper cradles my midfoot comfortably. While there’s plenty of padding, the shoes don’t feel heavy or bulky. The material feels both durable and breathable.”

Some reviewers noticed that the laces were slightly shorter than expected, making it difficult to secure the shoes.

“I had to cinch the laces very tightly across the top of my feet in order to tie a bow knot,” Alex says. “But the knots stayed tied throughout my entire run.”

Overall, reviewers enjoyed their runs in the Saucony Triumph 20.

“These shoes offer a really nice all-around performance. They felt stable and well-padded on all of the different surfaces and elevation I ran on,” Alex says.

Saucony Triumph 20 vs Triumph 19

A pair of the Saucony Triumph 20 sits on a step.

The Saucony Triumph 20 keeps all of the features that made the previous versions so popular, while adding some key updates.

Most notable is the new midsole foam, Saucony’s PWRRUN PLUS, which shaves weight while adding softness and flexibility to the overall ride.

“I was really pleased to step into these and notice that the Triumph 20 has a plush feel, but it isn’t heavy,” Kate says. “The foam feels wonderfully lightweight.”

A slight rocker shape makes for smooth heel-to-toe transitions, while a redesigned upper offers added breathability.

“These are an excellent, modern version of the Triumph - keeping the characteristics people have always chosen these shoes for, while using today’s material technology to improve comfort and performance,” Alex says.

What is the Saucony Triumph 20 Best For?

Thanks to a generous bed of PWRRUN PLUS midsole foam, the Saucony Triumph 20 is an ideal choice for spending lots of time on your feet, whether that be for long runs, long walks or long shifts.

“I’ve added these shoes to my regular lineup for easy runs and long runs,” Caroline says. “They offer just enough cushioning to feel luxurious without slowing me down. I feel like I could pick up the pace if I wanted to, but I don’t because I don’t want my runs in these to end.”

If you want to try on the new Saucony Triumph 20, be sure to head into your local Fleet Feet for an expert one-on-one outfitting. Fleet Feet outfitters use 3D fit id® foot scanning technology to gather information about your feet and the support they need by taking precise measurements of your foot length, width and arch height. Not only does the outfitting experience provide you with the right shoes and insoles, outfitters can make recommendations on apparel, accessories and nutrition to help you reach your goals.

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