You lose a lot of electrolytes when you sweat in hot, humid weather.

SaltStick can help replenish those lost electrolytes to keep you running longer. SaltStick contains all of the elements in electrolytes - sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride, which are important to replenish to avoid struggling with fatigue, cramping and nausea. Easy to carry and consume, SaltSticks are perfect for those long runs and races to keep you going.

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About SaltStick

More than 15 years ago, Jonathan Toker, Ph.D., an elite triathlete and ultrarunner, created SaltStick products to better meet the electrolyte needs of athletes during training and competition. Since then, SaltStick has supported countless people across the world, from weekend warriors to international champions.

SaltStick products are in the USA at an FDA-inspected cGMP facility to contain only what you need, and nothing else. That means no herbal, trace, or questionable components.

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