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SaltStick Caps - 4ct

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Your body works hard when you run, so replenish your electrolytes with Salt Stick Caps.

Studies show that sweating can be good for your health, but you need to replace the electrolytes that you lose while you sweat. Salt Stick Caps are the easy way to do just that since they provide a similar ratio of electrolytes that your body loses when you sweat.

The SaltStick Caps are formulated to provide electrolytes and minimize heat stress and muscle cramping that comes with perspiration. These convenient, vegetarian capsules make it easy to take them on the go, and they don’t cause stomach discomfort. The four pack makes it a cinch to store during long runs, trail runs or races.

Taking SaltStick Caps let you hydrate smarter. They’re ideal for anyone who sweats, including runners and outdoor workers. Plus, each serving contains 100 IU of Vitamin D to help with calcium absorption.

Use SaltStick Caps for your next tough workout and let them help take your performance to the next level.

Suggested Use

Take 1 capsule with water every 30-60 minutes during physical activity.

Each capsule contains

215 mg sodium, 63 mg potassium, 22 mg calcium, 11 mg magnesium. 100 IU Vitamin D to help the body absorb and utilize calcium.

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