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Race Recap: The City of Trees Marathon - A Triumph of Training and Team Spirit!

When the cool breeze of autumn begins to brush against our faces, and the trees adopt their majestic fall hues, there's a particular excitement in the air for all of us at Fleet Feet Meridian. This year, that excitement peaked at the City of Trees Marathon events, marking the grand culmination of our Fall Training Program.

An Unforgettable Sunrise Start

The day began with the golden hues of Boise's iconic sunrise, as the marathon runners kick-started their journey precisely two minutes after. And, to elevate the entire experience, the races were scheduled around the celestial spectacle – the eclipse. As the sun, moon, and Earth aligned, our runners showcased an alignment of passion, perseverance, and preparedness on the track.

Coach A.K. & Our Stellar Mentors Lead the Way

Amidst the energy and exuberance, Coach A.K., our Fall Training Program Director, was the beating heart, driving the spirit and enthusiasm of the team. But every coach needs their star players, and we were fortunate to have the guidance and support of our outstanding Fall Training Program mentors: Ebony Jones & Amy Rogalsky. Their dedication and mentorship proved invaluable for our trainees.

In Coach A.K.'s words, "There is something SO SPECIAL about coaching a running team. Something that has never filled my cup quite like this."

Celebrating Personal Records & First-Time Triumphs

The race was not just about crossing the finish line, but about shattering personal barriers and creating new benchmarks. Under the watchful and motivating guidance of Coach A.K., countless participants achieved personal records. Among the day's highlights was Amy Rogalsky, who, with Coach A.K. pacing her, secured a monumental PR in her Half Marathon.

More than Just a Race

The City of Trees Marathon events underscored the essence of community and camaraderie. It was a testament to the power of friendship, connection, and the sheer love of running. As Coach A.K. fondly reflects, it was "Truly a day for friendship, connection, and the love and beauty of running."

A Note of Gratitude

Our gratitude knows no bounds. To every participant, supporter, volunteer, and especially our Fall Training athletes, THANK YOU. A special shoutout to Ebony Jones & Amy Rogalsky for their relentless dedication as mentors. Your spirit and dedication made this more than just a race; it was a celebration.

A few details on media coverage, here's the finishline livestream, check the results here, give our IG reel a watch! 

Keep an eye out for our Robie Creek Training Program as we'll be announcing it soon. Until our next race, keep running, keep connecting, and keep celebrating every milestone, however small or big.


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