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Robie Creek Race Training Group Recap

Hello, Fleet Feet Family!

What an incredible journey our Robie Creek training program has been, a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Cody Lee Garrett (1985-2020). This year, we paired our heartfelt remembrances with the race's poignant theme, "A Run to Remember." This theme held an even deeper significance for us as we also remembered our beloved group member, Steve Savage. Through our training and race day efforts, we honored their memories and felt their spirits lifting us as we tackled the challenging Robie Creek course.

Our motto this season was “Do Hard Better.” True to these words, the notorious hill at Robie Creek never seemed to get easier, but each training session taught us more about how our bodies and minds can rise to the challenge.

Weathering all conditions—from 80-degree heat on Eighth Street to the unpredictable snow, sleet, and ice—our robust Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday groups remained undeterred. With over 25 dedicated members consistently showing up, we formed the largest and most spirited group to date, all of us training diligently with persistence.

After 12 weeks of dedicated effort, Coach A.K., alongside the Garrett family, rallied our group of over 60 participants at the start line. Decked out in our team shirts, the excitement was truly palpable. Each one of us had trained smart, with more than half of us integrating interval training and nutrition timing for race day.

A personal touch to our race day—after 11 weeks of training alongside every participant, I found myself running at my own postpartum pace, free to navigate the course independently this time. Leading our pack was the swift Tim Alwardt, and I felt privileged to finish close behind him, able to cheer and jog in nearly every team member to the finish.

Our training program embraced athletes of all abilities. From a fast finish around two hours to our final participant beating the cutoff by 14 minutes, the common thread was our shared journey. We fostered a spirit of unity and motivation, offering consistent support and education on everything from race logistics to carpooling arrangements.

More than just physical training, we focused on holistic preparation. We engaged in group stretching, mobility sessions, and strength conditioning workouts at a local gym. The visibility and safety were paramount, with everyone sporting bright attire during training sessions—a testament to the visibility we brought to our community.

The camaraderie, care, and compassion displayed by each participant were palpable at every meetup, truly defining the spirit of our training group. A special shoutout to our mentors, Oscar and Amy, whose guidance was invaluable.

Crossing that finish line injury-free was a collective victory for all of us!

Thank you to everyone who joined, supported, and cheered us on. This was more than just training; it was a celebration of perseverance and a memory we'll carry forward together.

Here’s to many more miles and memories,
Your Fleet Feet Treasure Valley Team

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