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Celebrating Our Robie Creek Training Program Mentors: The Heart of Our Running Community

Robie Creek Training Program Mentors

Hello, Fleet Feet Fam and all enthusiastic runners in the Treasure Valley! As we gear up for the Robie Creek Half Marathon, it's time to shine a spotlight on the incredible mentors of our Robie Creek Training Program. These dedicated individuals are the pillars of our community, guiding, motivating, and sharing their love for running every step of the way.

Meet Our Group Mentors: Brooke, Oscar, and Amy

Brooke Brubaker: A beacon of encouragement and a reservoir of running wisdom, Brooke brings her unique blend of enthusiasm and expertise to our training sessions. Her passion for running is contagious, and she's always ready to offer a tip or a motivating word.

Oscar Alaniz: Oscar's approach to running is all about balance and perseverance. His knowledge of the trails and his experience in overcoming challenges make him an invaluable asset to our team. He's the mentor who will be by your side, pushing you to surpass your limits.

Amy Rogalsky: With a smile that lights up any trail, Amy's positive attitude and commitment to fitness are truly inspiring. Her guidance is a mix of professionalism and personal touch, making each training session not just a workout, but a journey towards self-improvement.

Why Join Our Robie Creek Training Program?

Led by the incredible Coach A.K., our 12-week program starts January 29th and is designed to prepare you for the Robie Creek Half Marathon, no matter your fitness level. This time-based program ensures that everyone starts and finishes together, creating a supportive and inclusive environment. With a mix of outdoor workouts, virtual mobility classes, and gym sessions, you're set for a comprehensive training experience.

The Fleet Feet Difference

At Fleet Feet Meridian, we're more than just a running shoe store. We're a community dedicated to supporting your running journey, whether you're lacing up for the first time or aiming for a new personal best. Our training programs are a testament to our commitment to supporting fitness journeys in the Treasure Valley.

Join Us and Make Your Mark

Ready to take on the Robie Creek challenge? Join our training program, limited to 60 participants, and let our mentors guide you to the finish line. Remember, the journey to Robie Creek is not just about the race; it's about the friendships, the challenges overcome, and the joy of running together.


Visit our training program webpage for more information and don't forget our Robie Creek group sign-up party on February 19! We can't wait to run and walk with you!

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