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Fleet Feet Treasure Valley News: USSSA Team to World Champs

Hey fam!

Today we bring you a special story, one that takes us from the familiar paths we tread every day to the snow-clad mountains of Spain. It’s not every day that we get to talk about snowshoeing, an adventurous twist to running that’s close to our hearts, especially when it involves members of our own community stepping onto the global stage.

We're buzzing with excitement to share the story of two remarkable Boise locals, Amber and Chuck Tookey. This incredible couple, known for their love of running and fostering community spirit through their Instagram account @boise_trail_team, recently represented the US at the World Snowshoe Federation World Snowshoe Championships. This wasn’t just any race; it was held in the stunning Picos de Europa mountains of Spain, at a place beautifully named Fuente de’. 

The championships saw athletes from all corners of the globe - Spain, the USA, Italy, France, Great Britain, Argentina, India, Canada, and Sweden, competing in what could only be described as a test of true endurance and spirit. Senior athletes battled it out over an 8.5km race course, while the juniors faced a challenging 5km. The competition was fierce, but so was the camaraderie among participants.

Amber shared her awe-inspiring experience with us:

“Still in total awe from this race. It was so much more than what I expected. The race was mentally taxing and physically taxing - honestly, I was afraid to look at the scenery because the route was so technical. (Glad I have photos ) It was my first time competing internationally! I anticipate tough competition from Michelle Hummel, Georgina Garcia, Veronica Galvan, Florencia Milanesi, and Tova Euren - and they delivered. The women racing/competing were fierce and I loved it! I hope to see them all again. Congratulations women! I loved that my heart was racing too - it has been a while since I have felt this way about a race."

Amber’s journey to the championship is nothing short of inspiring. From the anticipation of racing in Japan in 2020 to the setback of battling cancer, and then making a comeback with a small window to train, her resilience shines through. “With my cancer loosely under control now, and a small window to train, I feel that I did pretty well given the circumstances. Though, now that I've had a taste of EPIC snowshoe racing, I'll be hungry for more. I want to thank my husband for dragging me through another challenging training block - he kept me together while I was battling cancer (again - last November) and he salvaged my training. I love you so much, husband.”

At Fleet Feet Treasure Valley, we couldn’t be prouder to sponsor the US Snowshoe Association national team. Supporting athletes like Amber and Chuck, who not only challenge themselves in the most demanding environments but also bring people together through their passion, is what our community is all about. Their journey is a testament to the indomitable spirit of runners everywhere, proving that with determination, support, and a love for the sport, any challenge can be overcome.

Let’s celebrate the achievements of our local heroes and the broader running community they represent. Here’s to more adventures, more challenges, and more stories of inspiration. Because at Fleet Feet, it’s not just about the shoes; it’s about the paths they allow us to explore and the journeys they become a part of.

Stay adventurous, stay connected, and keep pushing boundaries.

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