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Men's Altra Lone Peak 7

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This trail running shoe from Altra is built to run on the trails, and it does so with a ton of quality features and materials.

Standard Width (D)
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The legendary Altra Lone Peak 7 continues its tradition of trail prowess to make it one of the best running shoes on the market.

Altra updated the MaxTrac™ outsole compound to make it more durable and perform better in wet conditions. The multi-directional 5 mm lug pattern is ideal for running on smooth or technical terrain.

To give you confidence running on uneven ground, the Lone Peak 7 features a secure heel cup and Altra’s signature FootShaped™ toe box, which is wider to allow your toes to react and splay for a more stable ride.

The Altra EGO™ midsole provides a soft and springy underfoot feel, while the StoneGuard™ protects feet from rocks and sticks, while still being flexible enough for you to run.

Like all Altra shoes, the Lone Peak 7 has the same amount of cushion in the forefoot and heel, or zero heel-to-toe drop, to allow you to run as naturally as possible on the trails.

Altra streamlined the construction of the mesh upper and evolved the design, making it look and feel lighter. The Lone Peak 7 has Altra’s original FootShape™ fit, which is the most voluminous fit Altra makes, perfect for those with a higher volume foot. Plus, it comes in wide for those who need some extra room.

Whether you are just beginning to trail run or preparing for an ultramarathon, the Altra Lone Peak 7 is one of the best trail running shoes out there.

Tech Specs

Altra Lone Peak 7


0 mm


11.0 oz (M), 9.2 oz (W)

Stack Height





Trail Running, Hiking

What’s New

Fans of the Lone Peak can rest assured that the Lone Peak 7 will feel similar to past models with just a few upgrades. The first is the new MaxTrac outsole compound that is made to be more durable and perform better in wet conditions. There are also extra lugs on the lateral heel and medial toe for better grip during landings and toe-offs. Designers then added a heel cup for a bit more stability when running trails.

Altra updated the upper of the Lone Peak 7 as well. Designers removed the drainage holes over the toe and replaced most of the stitching with overlays to give it a more streamlined look and feel. They also changed the lacing pattern, which removed the extra holes in the midfoot and allows you to attach a gaiter to the lace itself and the GaiterTrap on the heel. There is also padding over the first lace pattern on the tongue for extra protection.

Who It’s Best For

The Altra Lone Peak 7 is great for any trail runner or hiker. It is comfortable enough for beginners but can handle hundreds of miles on the trails for those ultramarathoners. It is great for people who like some room in the toe box for their feet to wiggle.

Why You’ll Love It

You will love the roomy toe box, cushioned ride and amazing grip of the Altra Lone Peak 7.

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Hear From an Outfitter

“I’ve been wearing my Lone Peaks for years now and this version is my favorite since the 4.0’s. I’m on the trails daily with my dog and these shoes have never disappointed. They can climb steeps like a billy goat and the wide toe box is simply glorious. I’ve used them for everything from ultramarathons and multi-day hikes to traveling and even some road running. If there’s something the Lone Peaks can’t do, I haven’t found it yet.”

Tom R.
Digital Copywriter

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Based on 16 Verified Reviews

Great trail shoe!

Scotty 4 months ago Verified Purchase

Sturdy good traction roomy toe box fits as expected

New shoes

Many S 4 months ago Verified Purchase

Overall good fit and comfort. There was a period of break in though as my feet were a bit sore after the first day of wearing them.

7 vs 5 fit and quality

trailguy 4 months ago Verified Purchase

These shoes seem to have more arch support than my Lone Peak 5 shoes which I like. The outer shell does not seem as sturdy or flexible as the 5s. Hopefully they last as long as the 5s.

Lone Peaks are not what they used to be

The A 4 months ago Verified Purchase

Lone Peak has been my go to for trail runners for a while now but it seems they hit a pinnacle with the fives and have slipped even more with the sevens. After about 40 miles to break in (by break in I mean to form to my foot not a comfort issue) I noticed these really didn’t feel like the old Lone Peak. They do not lace like the older ones they feel too stacked in the midsole. Some may like that but I prefer to feel the ground under me just a little more than what these allow. As for this particular pair they do seem to be constructed ok. I am afraid this will possibly be my last pair of Lone Peaks. I will be checking out Altra Superior or another brand.

Not built to last

AE120 5 months ago Verified Purchase

Great feeling shoes unfortunately they fall apart quickly. Within 2-3 months of use (no running in these shoes as they are my everyday shoe) they have started to show manufacturer defects.

My go to shoe.

Steven 5 months ago Verified Purchase

I switched to a lower profile wider toebox and zero grade almost a year ago. It took me a little while to finally be strong enough to wear them but now I love them and wear them nearly exclusively. They are my go to for training racing and many times just walking around. I am a true masters clydesdale at 220+ lbs and over 50 years old. I have had no injuries since running in them.

Super versatile!

LarryS 6 months ago Verified Purchase

Great shoes really good grip on rather Hocking Hills trails where I wore them for the first time! Super comfortable on rock or pine straw or dry and wet dirt.