Men's Altra Running Shoes

From pavement to trail to track, men’s Altra running shoes will get the job done.

Unlike many standard running shoes, Altra running shoes for men mimic the shape of the human foot with their FootShape Toe Box. The wider toe box lets your feet and toes spread out naturally instead of being constrained by the sides of the shoe.

The result? A more natural ride and more powerful toe off. Lace up a pair of men’s Altra running shoes to feel the difference.

Why Altra Shoes Are Good For Running

Altra shoes are good for running because they put your feet, legs and body in a natural position to run.

Starting with the FootShape Toe Box, each pair of men’s Altra running shoes is designed to give your feet room to expand and contract with each step. On top of that, Altra designed a Balance Cushioning platform that provides a 0 mm drop between heel and forefoot, which in turn promotes softer landings.

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