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GU Energy

Energy. Hydration. Recovery.

Nutrition to keep you going

GU Energy Gel began with a problem: How do you fuel your body to run 100 miles? When Dr. Bill Vaughan's daughter ran into the question during the 1989 Western States ultramarathon, the biophysicist went searching for the answer.

Vaughan created the first GU gel in 1992, which then fueled his daughter's win at the Wasatch 100 in Utah. It wasn't long until the portable, easily digestible, nutrient-rich energy gels caught on.

Since then, endurance athletes have used GU to fuel 100-mile mountain bike races, Ironman World Championships and countless ultramarathons — leaving a trail of wins behind them.

With energy gels, energy chews and drink mixes, GU makes nutrition and hydration options for your workouts and races.

Top off your tank with a GU Energy Stroopwafel before hitting the gym or down a GU Roctane Energy Drink to stay hydrated on your long run. Whether you're going 20 minutes or 200 miles, GU makes nutrition for you.

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