Running Tights

Running tights are your first line of defense when it gets cold, and they give you a snug fit and speedy feel.

Cut from stretchy, sweat-wicking fabrics and designed to hold up to your toughest workouts, these running tights will keep you comfortable during your marathon training and your movie marathon. Shop the best running tights from top brands like Nike, New Balance, Brooks, ASICS and more.

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What Are Running Tights?

Running tights are typically stretchy and snug from waistband to ankle. Unlike joggers or running pants that have a looser cut, the snug fit hugs your legs like a second skin, so it stays out of the way and gives you an aerodynamic feel.

Compression tights and sleeves are also an option. Compression has been shown to help improve blood flow, reduce swelling and can support your muscles.