Men's Neutral Running Shoes

Men who have a neutral running gait will find premium comfort and top-notch performance in men’s neutral running shoes.

Neutral running shoes for men have comfortable cushioning and accommodating fits, giving you a quality ride from first step to last. You’ll find the best neutral running shoes from major brands like New Balance, Brooks, Nike, HOKA and more, plus get free shipping on orders over $99 at Fleet Feet.

Who Needs Neutral Running Shoes?

Neutral running shoes are best for men who don’t overpronate.

Pronation is the natural inward roll of your foot when you walk or run, and everyone’s foot has some level of pronation. Excessive pronation, though, is when your foot spends longer on the inside (also called the “medial” side) during its transition from heel to toe.

Men who have a neutral gait don’t need extra support on the medial side of the shoe, while male runners who have excessive pronation can benefit from the extra durability of men’s stability running shoes.

Not sure if you need men’s neutral running shoes? Find your local Fleet Feet location to go through our fit id® outfitting process that includes state-of-the-art 3D foot scanning and one-on-one advice from a professional outfitter.