Injinji socks are high performance toesocks that allow you to run your best.

These anatomically designed socks with five-toe sleeves allow your toes to splay naturally and align properly, enabling great stability and more comfort.

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About Injinji

California-based Injinji produces unique, high-performance toesocks for runners, hikers and adventurers of all kinds.

Injinji’s toesock design wraps individual toes to prevent skin-on skin friction that can cause blisters and wicks moisture away to keep your feet cool and dry. They also allow your toes to splay, creating proper alignment and distributing your weight evenly, allowing your entire foot to be engaged in athletic activity.

Made from premium moisture-wicking fibers, like COOLMAX, Merino wool and LYCRA, you can purchase Injini socks for any adventure.

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