Asics GEL-Kayano Lite

The GEL-Kayano Lite replicates its namesake with regards to stability and cushioning (it has lots of both), but does it all in a lighter package that emphasizes sustainability in its manufacture. This is a lighter and more energetic Kayano that is 2 ounces lighter! The engineered mesh upper of the GEL-Kayano Lite is made out of recycled polyester and is remarkably soft and form fitting. The GEL-Kayano Lite also pushes the technology that provides stability. Rather than additional components such as the plastic trustic support piece, the new GEL-Kayano uses geometric shapes embossed in the midsole, as well as a full-contact outsole to provide the same maximum stability as the regular GEL-Kayano. If you want to try a maximum stability shoe that has a very smooth ride and is nice and light, this is your shoe.

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