Best Hydration Products for Runners

Hydration Guide for Runners | Fleet Feet

Now that you know more about hydration, you’re ready to form your own personalized hydration strategy. We put together a list of our favorite products, from belts and vests to powders and tablets. Get ready to rock your next run with these hydration solutions:

Hydration Vests for Running

Hydration is key when preparing and fueling for a long run. Hydration vests allow you to easily bring large amounts of water on your run, minimizing the need for stops. No matter how far or fast you’re going, quench your thirst with the best hydration packs.

Best Budget Pack

The Nathan QuickStart 4L Race Vest 2.0 is light, durable, and at $80 it won’t break the bank.

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High Volume Pack

The Nathan TrailMix 12L Race Pack can comfortably hold 12 liters of water, so you can stay hydrated on your longest adventures.

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Minimalist Pack

For runners that prefer a lightweight design, the Amphipod PureRun Minimalist 24 Hydration Vest keeps you hydrated without weighing you down.

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Best Racing Pack

When you’re ready to snag a new PR, the Nathan VaporAir Lite 4L Hydration Vest features a sleek, lightweight design with a quick-release valve for easy access.

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Handheld Water Bottles for Running

When you don’t need liters of water for your run, you can choose a smaller option: a handheld water bottle made for running.

Many of the water bottles designed specifically for running are made from lightweight plastic or pliable silicone, and they come with a hand strap, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it when your palms get sweaty.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite running water bottles:

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated

This 18 oz. bottle features a fully adjustable hand strap with thumbholes for grip-free running. The double-wall insulation keeps your fluids cool, and a zippered pocket fits keys, ID, gels and more.

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Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite

If you’re looking for a sleek, low profile handheld, this is a perfect choice. 10.5 ounce capacity keeps things light, while an ergonomic bottle shape eliminates hand tension. The straps are fully adjustable, and a removable insulator sleeve keeps things cool.

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Nathan ExoDraw 2.0

The updated version of Nathan’s ExoDraw handheld offers an insulated and removable sleeve, an adjustable hand strap and a front pouch for gels or keys. Once you remove the insulated sleeve, the soft flask becomes compatible with Nathan hydration vests.

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Hydration Waist Belts for Running

Another option for carrying your water is a waist belt. Belts designed for running will typically have pockets for your essential items—cards, keys, phone—and places to put water bottles.

Nathan TrailMix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt

This double-bottle belt uses an adjustable strap and a snap closure system to keep it tight around your waist. Two ten ounce water bottles will keep you hydrated, and a zip pocket can store gels, keys or your phone. A reflective trim increases visibility for those early morning runs.

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Electrolyte Solutions for Runners

Sometimes, water just isn't enough.

Electrolyte drinks provide your body with the minerals you lose through sweat. Here are some of our favorite electrolyte mixes:


Hydration is important to peak athletic performance, and Nuun wants you to hydrate better.

The Seattle, Washington-based company started by creating electrolyte replacement drinks without carbs (read: sugar) to keep you hydrated during your workouts. Most Nuun products have 1-2 grams of sugar per serving and come in dozens of flavors like Ginger Lemonade, Cherry Limeade and Mango Orange.

Each serving of Nuun comes packed into a dissolvable tablet. You can throw a tube into your backpack, plop a tablet into your water and sip stay hydrated on your way to work or a far away race.

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Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs started in a home kitchen when a sports scientist was looking for a way to keep his professional cycling team hydrated. It has since grown into a full lineup of hydration, energy and recovery products.

The original Skratch Labs hydration mix delivers a hit of electrolytes to match what you actually lose in sweat (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium), and it’s flavored only with real fruit for a naturally delicious drink.

When you finish your workout, the Skratch Labs Sport Recovery Mix gives you a 4-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein, designed to help you recover faster.

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