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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Feet Rewards Program

  • What is the Fleet Feet Rewards Program?

The Fleet Feet Rewards Program is our new, free rewards program in the United States. It replaces the Personal Rewards program that individual Fleet Feet stores conducted. The new program lets you earn Points and Miles from merchandise purchases and engagement with Fleet Feet on social media and in-store. Points and Miles act as two separate currencies for you to use and redeem in different ways.

  • What happened to Personal Rewards?

The previous Personal Rewards program was offered to customers at the local store level. Customers were able to accumulate Points based on purchases at one store location, but Points were not transferable to other locations. If you have vouchers from the Personal Rewards program, you are still able to use them. The expiration for $15 vouchers is now six months from the date of issue. To redeem a Personal Rewards voucher, please visit the store where you earned it. Additional Points from the old Personal Rewards program will not transfer to the new Fleet Feet Rewards Program.

  • Do I need a rewards card?

No. Points and Miles will accumulate based on the email address associated with your Rewards account. You will also be able to manage and track your Points and Miles on the new Fleet Feet Rewards App.

  • How do I earn Points?

For every dollar you spend on merchandise at Fleet Feet store locations, you receive one point when you check out. You must provide the email address that is registered with your Fleet Feet Rewards account. Purchases for Gift Cards and Training Program registration will not earn Points.

  • What happens to my Points if I return an item?

Rewards Points are awarded for all merchandise that is purchased in store. If an item is cancelled from your order or returned, those Points will be deducted from your account.

If points are deducted, and if the transaction ends in a negative balance on your Rewards account, the $15 Rewards associated with your account will be returned to offset this negative balance. For example, if you return a $120 item, but only have 20 Points in your rewards account, your balance will be -100. If you also have a $15 Reward on your account, the Reward will be removed, and 150 Points will be added back to your account (150 Points = $15 Reward). Your ending balance will be 50 Points.

  • What do I do with Points?

Get great new running gear! For every 150 Points you earn, you will automatically receive a $15 voucher for in-store purchases. You will receive a notification from the Rewards App when you earn a voucher (if you have the app’s notifications turned on). Vouchers will be valid for six months from the date they are earned. On that day, vouchers will expire at 11:59 pm ET.

Your $15 Reward will be available for use on a purchase one day after it was earned.

In order to redeem your reward, simply visit your local Fleet Feet and make a purchase. The $15 Reward will be added to your account, tied to your email, which can be applied once you check out in store. You are not able to use a $15 Reward on the purchase of a gift card.

  • How do I earn Miles?

In so many ways! And we’ll always be adding new ways to earn! You earn one Reward Mile for every one mile run or walked, as long as you connect your Fleet Feet app account to a public Strava or Garmin Connect account (private accounts will not sync). Your mileage must be logged via GPS; manual and treadmill entries do not earn Reward Miles. You can also earn Miles for engaging with Fleet Feet through social media or at certain in-store events. Miles are not earned through merchandise purchases, and Miles cannot be converted to Points.

You can earn up to 100 Rewards Miles per month from logging your runs through Strava or Garmin. If you reach that 100 Mile limit from Strava or Garmin activities, you can continue to earn Reward Miles from in-app activities, such as trivia and checking in for an event.

  • What do I do with Miles?*

You can redeem Miles for a number of different rewards or use them to submit to sweepstakes. Reward and sweepstakes items will be changed and updated throughout the year. If you use 50 Miles to get a prize through the app, those Miles will be taken out of your account. Certain items must be collected in-store once you have submitted the Miles through the Rewards app. The method for redeeming a prize will be explained for each reward listed on the app.

*Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, rewards and sweepstakes may be limited.

  • How do I find in-store events?

Update your location in the Rewards Program so you can receive event updates specific to your location.

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