The Fleet Feet fit id® Outfitting Process

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Dedicated to Fitting You for More Than 40 Years

The Fleet Feet Outfitting Process focuses on providing you with running shoes that fit properly, gear that improves your experience and knowledge to help you move your best—whether that’s a 10-minute walk or a three-hour marathon.

Nearly 80 percent of us have a noticeable discrepancy between our left foot and our right foot. Our trained Outfitters are dedicated to understanding what makes your feet unique by using best-in-class technology and personal expertise to put you in the best shoes.

Whether you want to walk farther, tackle your first race, or chase down a PR, our specialized fit process combines the best in customer service with insightful technology to deliver unbeatable comfort mile after mile.

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Find the Perfect Match

If our database of 2 million foot scans has taught us anything, it’s that your body is unique, and so is the way it moves. Our 3D fit id® foot scanning technology allows us to gather information about your feet and the support they need by taking precise measurements of your foot length, width and arch height. This data in combination with our Dynamic Pressure Mapping system helps our highly trained Outfitters assess your foot’s path of motion and stride as you walk so they can find the perfect shoes for you.

Depending on how your body naturally moves while you walk or run, our Outfitters can determine the amount of support you need from your shoes. The type of foam, arch support and upper construction can all affect how comfortable you feel on the move in your shoes.

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3D Scanning Lets Us Profile Your Foot

Our state-of-the-art scanner uses a set of specialized cameras to capture 12 precise data points to construct a 3D image of your foot. Measurements like foot length, width, volume and arch height help us fit you in the best shoes for your unique feet.

Fleet Feet outfitters create a profile for you based on your 3D scan so you can save your data and revisit it later as you shop for shoes either in store or online. We can even order custom insoles so you can take your unique support system with you when you buy new shoes.

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Pressure Plate Readings Tell Us How You Move

Our Outfitters use a specialized pressure plate to analyze your gait pattern and the pressure points on your feet as you walk. This helps us get a clear idea of the way your body moves and the support and cushioning you may need based on the natural rolling motion of your feet.

Understanding where your body places pressure on your feet while you walk lets us gauge if you have a neutral gait or if you pronate or supinate. While there is no correct way for your body to move, you can make sure you feel (and look) your best while you run or walk by getting shoes that are designed to support your foot at high-pressure points.

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Shop the Best Shoes For You

At the end of the day, the shoes that feel good are probably good for you. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little help to keep you feeling healthy mile after mile. Using your 3D scan and pressure plate reading, our Outfitters will suggest and fit you in shoes, insoles and socks that are best suited to your needs.

While nothing beats the in-store fit experience, you can learn more about finding your perfect fit here:

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