NEW! Track & Trail Training Programs

This spring you choose between six weeks on the track or you on the trails. Both programs are promised to reward and challenge you and kick off May 19. Plus both will provide the perfect base and build to fall Flying Pig.

Speed Sessions

The number one way to improve your running speed, no matter your current speed, is to practice on a track with structured, coached workouts. This spring we're offering a 6-week program that will get you running fast once a week with a Coaches who will guide the group through organized, planned workouts to promote improved leg speed, high end cardiovascular efficiency, turnover, and running form.

Beyond just the running, our Coaches will walk you through proper pre and post-run stretches, muscle activations, and dynamic strength movments to further prepare your body to run faster than you ever have before, specifically in the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon distances.

Trail Days

Running on trails is diffrent than running on the roads but the zen of running on dirt through the woods is something every runner should experience. The goal of Trail Days, Trail Specific Training Program is to equipt every participant with the skills, knowledge, gear, and enthusiasm to take on any trail in Southwest Ohio and beyond. And this program is not just for trail runners! Trail hikers, walkers, and ruckers are all welcome to join us.

Trail Days is geared to not only showcase some of Cincinnati's finest trail systems, but to also prepare participants to safely and responsibly enjoy trail running as much as we do. From the right gear, to pacing and nutrition, we cover every aspect of running through the woods over a six-week training period.


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