The Power of Running to Inspire | Robin Haynes

You know that person.  The one who improved his or her health.  Overcame challenges.  Raised money for charity.  Rallied communities.  All through running.  Mizuno has partnered with Fleet Feet Sports to recognize five inspiring St. Louis runners.  Robin Haynes is one of those inspiring runners.  Here is her story.

Robin, at 42, started running to lose weight. Her goal was to lose 50 pounds - and a treadmill at the gym was going to serve as her path.  She had a love-hate relationship with the treadmill/  It displayed the calories burned, which encouraged her to push farther and harder each workout.  At first she couldn't jog nonstop for even a quarter of mile. Within a couple months, however, she could run a mile without stopping.  And then 2...then 3...and eventually she had worked up to 5 nonstop treadmill miles.  And then she started leaving the treadmill and running on the road - and that is when she learned to love running and the adventures it offers.  She now trains all over town; at different parks and along different trails and through different cities.  She not only met her weight loss goal, but also achieved a level of fitness she never expected.  Robin completed the GO! St. Louis Marathon in 2014 and is currently training for her 2nd marathon.  Acting beyond herself, she started hosting the Sunshine Run - and in two years the event has raised nearly $10,000 event for Sunshine Kids, an organization that helps kids with cancer by providing fun, positive group activities and emotional support.  She shares her story with others who want to lose weight, get healthy, or get into running.  Congratulations to Robin for being named one of St. Louis' most inspiring runners!

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