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A Fleet Feet outfitter shows a customer a 3D scan of his feet

The Fleet Feet Outfitting Process

With 3D Foot-Scanning Technology

Experience the Ideal Fit

A Fleet Feet outfitter brings running shoes to a customer

Dedicated to Fitting You for More Than 40 Years

We are passionate and committed to powering the health of our communities. Through continuous training of our staff who provide epic service, superior knowledge and an unmatched fit id experience, we prove that our customers are our highest priority—every time.

So, what does that mean? The Fleet Feet Outfitting Process focuses on providing you with running shoes that fit properly, gear that improves your experience and knowledge to help you move your best—whether that’s a 10-minute walk or a three-hour marathon.

Here's how we do it.

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How to Find Running Shoes That Fit

Fleet Feet trains outfitters to help you find the best running shoes and gear. Whether you're tackling your first mile or knocking down your next ultra, outfitters have the tools and know-how to get you across the finish line.

The Four-Step Outfitting Process

A Fleet Feet customer talks with an outfitter about shoe recommendations

First, We Listen

Tell us about yourself. Are you running currently? Walking? What are your goals, your struggles, your limitations? There’s no such thing as too much information here and the more we can discover, the better we can help!

A Fleet Feet customer stands on a 3D scanner to take images of her feet

Second, We Watch

We use 3D scanning technology as part of the fit id experience to take precise measurements of your feet. The state-of-the-art scanner captures 12 data points—like length, width and arch height—to give you personalized shoe and insole recommendations.

Outfitters then diagnose your stance, stride and step to fine-tune the solution. Once we assess the biomechanics of your foot, we’ll mine through our extensive product selection to come up with the best shoes and gear for you.

A Fleet Feet outfitter fits a customer for running shoes

Third, We Act

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Whether you try on two pairs of shoes or eight, we will work with you to find the right match. From getting them on to lacing them up the right way, we'll be there through the whole process. We can also talk socks, insoles, gear or apparel—anything we think might benefit you.

A Fleet Feet outfitter checks the fit of a customer's running shoes

Finally, We Plan

You’re geared up and ready to go. So what’s next? Time to look ahead. Training programs, tips, injury prevention and recovery—we want to discuss and plan with you because the end of the Outfitting Process is only the beginning of your journey.

A Fleet Feet employee shows running apparel to a customer

Listen, Watch, Act, Plan.

Before your next run, your next shift or your next move, stop by your local Fleet Feet and experience the magic of a proper fit.