Half a Bubble Off

As a rather rambunctious, competitive youth, I may have pushed the limits of what is considered "normal" or "safe."  I remember having neighborhood competitions to see who could (would) jump out of a tree from the highest point...or see who could run the most laps around my parents house.  Our daily "play" was always a competition of some sort.  Often times it was us against ourselves, though.  We would try to jump from a higher perch than we did the day before - without knocking ourselves out...for too long.  We would try to run more laps than we did last week.  Success earned a well-deserved drink from the garden hose.  I often think back to those fun and slightly crazy play times when I talk with aspiring athletes.

When we decide to run a half marathon or set a goal to lose weight, we're not doing anything as reckless as jumping out of a tree.  But the task we have set for ourselves scares us, just the same.  We are greeted with the same "jumping into the great unknown" feeling that we felt during those fun days of yesteryear.  Marathoners are often called crazy...or half marathoners are called half crazy (never by other runners, mind you).  We're not crazy, of course. We're just "half a bubble off" from the general population; slightly unbalanced relative to their view of "normal."  Our slightly off-balance view, however, puts us on a level playing field with other runners who are also inspired to dream big and set goals.  Revel in that feeling of being off center. Crazy is a relative term.

Come join in where your eccentricities will be appreciated; where personalities abound.  Join up with others who are a bit different and want to join you in reviving those feelings of being a kid and reaching for the stars.  Our Ton of Fun weight loss challenge and No Boundaries 5K training programs begin this weekend.   Our Half Marathon program kicks off in a little over a week.  There is no better time than now to set a goal.  And no better team than the FLEET FEET Training team to help you reach it.  It's your time to be just a little crazier than you were yesterday!

Good Luck and Happy Racing!
Coach Cary

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