Coach Cary's Corner (5/21/13)

You Are a Real Runner, so Join us at Speedwork

Summer Speedwork"I'm not a real runner" is a common refrains we Fit Pros hear from our customers - and that statement always completely befuddles us.  "Do you go left, right, repeat?" we ask them.  If they answer "yes," then we assure them that they are, indeed, a real runner.  Although everyone runs for their own reasons and under their own set of circumstances, we all run the same road.  Your motivation, pace, distance, and/or consistency do not determine whether you're a "real" runner.  Left, right, repeat is all it takes.
As we make our annual transitions from our Sunset Social runs to our Summer Speedwork sessions, this "I'm not a real runner" excuse raises its ugly head quite often.  Phooey.  Runners, in general, are gregarious, happy, fun-loving and always have room for another one in their party.  Attend our Summer Speedwork sessions and no matter your ability you will benefit from training in a group setting.  You will surely accomplish more than you thought you could... and more than you would've accomplished on your own. 
If you're not sure how speedwork will help you, sign up Wednesday's (5/22) speedwork seminar or review the presentation materials here.  (Click here and click on the Events tab.  Only a few seminar spots remain as I write this.)  We look forward to seeing you, a real runner, at one of our four weekly Summer Speedwork sessions.

Wanna Get Faster?  Start with a VO2 Max Test.

VO2 Max TestingAs the new FLEET FEET Training Center grows and develops, we continue to add more and more ways to help you become a smarter, healthier, and well-balanced runner.  With many runners preparing for their summer racing season or prepping for the start of this fall's half and full marathon training, I suggest that those who are serious about improving their racing performance consider the benefits of a VO2 Max test. 
VO2 Max testing isn't just for elite runners.  It gives every athlete specific and individualized information that can be used to improve and focus their training.  Output data includes not only your peak VO2 (the amount of Oxygen your body can utilize per minute) but also your Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds.  How cool is that!?  No more guessing your ideal heart rate training zones.  Also, your Training Educator will review the test results with you and explain what elements of your training need to be emphasized and provide you with a recommended training template.
Take the guesswork out of your upcoming training season.  Email Brandi today to set up your appointment.

The Memorial Day Civil War: Update
The battle is just days away and I'm getting lots of responses to my gauntlet throwing.  On Monday, the FLEET FEET staff will be competing against the members of the FLEET FEET Racing Team for all the marbles (aka, brats and beverages and awards) at the Highland Biathlon and 5M Run.  Now's the time to call in those ringers to help your team win.  Everyone on the winning team comes away with a prize, so it behooves you to help push those teammates along.  Remember, this will be an age/gender graded race scored cross country style.  We'll add up the top 5 places for each squad and the lowest score wins.  Email me or see me at the FLEET FEET bus beforehand to let me know of your intent to race.  Then stop by afterword for a fun tailgate and the distribution of the spoils.  See you Monday!
Good Luck and Happy Racing.
Coach Cary

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