Coach Cary's Corner (6/18/13)

Chasing Dreams
I have had the opportunity throughout my coaching career to witness a TON of racing.  I've watched everything from kids lining up for their first fun run to the Olympic Games.  As different as those events seem to be, there is commonality in the fact that at both I was watching the participants chase their dreams.  I was reminded of this over the past couple of weeks as I attended several road races and a couple of international-level track meets.  The speed and effort the elites display is amazing and impressive.  Many of them have dedicated their lives to pursuing a dream of being the best.  They have taken running and training to places many of us could not fathom.  At the same time, the FLEET FEET No Boundaries training team members who complete their first 5K at the Race for the Cure also showed impressive determination culminating in success. 
The road does not care how fast or slow we are.  A mile is still a mile no matter what the clock says.  We all stand on the starting line for different reasons.  Those reasons are tied to a goal; a dream.  It is this common thread that binds the fun runner with the whippet-like runners we see in the Olympics.  We may be distant cousins on the running family tree, but we are all out there chasing our dreams. 
Congratulations to the FLEET FEET No Boundaries and Triathlon programs for putting in all the time and hard work to chase whatever dream encouraged you to take on the challenge.  For those of you out there looking for help in tackling your running or walking goals, sign up for a FLEET FEET Training Team.  We are here for everyone. 

Fall Marathon Training Starts This Saturday 
The FLEET FEET Full Marathon Training progam kicks off this Saturday.  Sign up today for the best marathon training program in St. Louis.  With our expanded multi-tiered training program, FLEET FEET has a program to help those looking to complete or compete a marathon.  With multiple mileages, intensities, and paces, our marathon program will help you tackle your first marathon, get past a current racing plateau, or reach your goal.

Racing Team
It was awesome to see FLEET FEET Nation at so many races this past weekend.  PR's abounded!  Evidently, as the weather heats up, so do the performances.  Keep up the great work and swing by one of the FLEET FEET Summer Speedwork sessions to help take out that next PR.  (I had more than one person mention how much these have helped them this season)
Good Luck and Happy Racing.
Coach Cary

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