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Kinesiology Tape-KT Tape

KT Tap at Fleet Feet Sports Madison

Kinesiology Tape-KT Tape

Have you ever wondered why people have colored tape on their legs, back, and shoulders while exercising? It's probably KT tape! KT tape is made of reinforced fabric sheathes designed to provide durability and increased strength when applied over sore ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The sheathes provide uni-directional elasticity which allows the tape to stretch in length but prevent the tape from stretching in width. The tape offers support while you're still in motion. 

KT tape can be used to stabilize the knee, support the shins, and wrap the arch of your foot, among other applications. When the pre-cut strips of tape are applied to the skin, they can also help with circulation, reduce inflammation, and get you on your way to a faster recovery. So, when that next nagging injury creeps up on you, come into Fleet Feet and ask about KT tape.

  • Targeted Pain Relief
    Comfortable to wear
    Stays on in water