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Join our Berbee Derby Teams

Join our Fleet Feet Sports Madison teams at the Berbee Derby

1--"Fleet Feet Sports" Team (for customers, training groups other than No Boundaries, and Fleet Feet Fans!)

2--"No Boundaries" Team (for No Boundaries 5K/10K Training Participants).

Teams are not distance specific, so you can register for the 5K or 10K and still join either team.

Team registration closes on Wed Oct 29th.

Directions for registering for one of our two teams...

1. Go to the Berbee Derby Website:

2. Click "Register Now" in the top right corner.

3. Sign into your ChronoTrack Account, or just click "continue" in the bottom right corner if you do not have an account.

4. Under "Select a Registration Choice" - Click "Create or Join a Team"

5. Fill out your information as directed and agree to the waiver.

6. On the "team page" manually type in either "Fleet Feet Sports" or "No Boundaries" - select your team in the drop-down.

7. Fill out the remainder of your personal information and continue with the registration process.

8. Complete your registration and process your payment.

Questions can be directed to Megan D or  call 608-833-9999--Thanks for joining our team!

Fleet Feet Sports Madison encourages runners to participate in the Annual Berby Derby

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