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Fleet Feet Running Club

Fleet Feet founders Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen

"Fleet are the feet, serene in the spirit of the runner."

- Fleet Feet co-founder Sally Edwards

Created first in 1976 by Fleet Feet co-founders Elizabeth Jansen (left) and Sally Edwards (right), Fleet Feet Running Club defined a group of people associated together not by how fast or far they ran, but by the spirit and passion they displayed in doing so.

Three people run together on a trail


Fleet Feet Running Club is back for everyone. No matter where you are on your running journey, there's a program that is:

  • Led by passionate and knowledgeable coaches
  • Championed by dedicated and magnetic mentors
  • Guided by the most relevant safety standards
  • Supported by the coolest partners and brands
  • Fueled by the determination of its participants

No matter where you are on your running journey, we have a program and group to run with you.

Three people run together on a trail


The beauty of running is that it can be done in a variety of places, by people of all abilities, at distances both short and long. The programs available through Fleet Feet Running Club reflect that, covering all levels, every surface, and any distance.


We believe all your hard work and effort deserve a symbol of achievement, which is why all Fleet Feet Running Club members will earn a badge after completion of any of our programs. Adorned with the current year, each badge features an original design specific to that program.

As part of our Running Club, we offer both FREE meet-up runs twice a week, as well as fee-based formal training programs with some incredible coaches who love to help runners achieve their running goals. 

Our FREE Running Club Meet-Ups are on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm and Saturdays at 8:30am. All runs start/end at the store and run in the neighborhoods surrounding the store (including some of our favorite hills!). We’ll offer one 3-5 mile route each Wednesday and three routes on Saturday (3-5 miles, 6-9 miles & 10+ miles).  Runs usually have 30+ people joining in so chances are good that there is someone to run with you. Please arrive at the store 15 minutes before "GO-time" to sign-in and warm-up.

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Click Here to learn more about our current training programs including programs for beginners and advanced runners...and everyone in between!

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