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adidas Ultra Boost will knock your socks off!

Anyone who's ever owned a Boost, loves a Boost.  We frequently have customers in our store looking for the Ultra Boost; and they rarely settle for anything else. Such is the nature of this amazing shoe. They are faithful fans; and the Ultra Boost does NOT disappoint - in new colors at our stores! "Crafted for greatness: #ultraboost was precisely designed with the most premium materials dreamt of. Back in top form: With over 3000 boost capsules in the midsole, Ultra Boost is ready for the long miles ahead. Brighten your miles this fall: The SprintWeb outsole, on the adidas #ultraboost, adapts and stretches every step. Woven to perfection: The Primekit upper on Ultra Boost is knitted precisely to your foot to give a feel like nothing else. The extra mile never felt so good:  With a 100% boost midsole, Ultra Boost is made to log the high miles."

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