Balega ? A Sock with a Silver Lining

Do you like your quasi-futuristic clothes Mr. Powers?  I designed them myself.  - Doctor Evil (Austin Powers:  International Man of Mystery)

You don’t have to be held captive in Dr. Evil’s secret underground lair, nor do you have to look like something out of a drive-in Sci-Fi flick that is destined to be screened on Mystery Science Theater 3000 to enjoy quasi-futuristic clothing made of silver. With Balega’s new Silver socks your feet can experience the clothes of the future today.

While silver has been used to fashion jewelry for centuries this lustrous metal possesses the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflectivity of any metal, and is now finding its place in the textiles industry. How this integration of silver ions into the already amazing Drynamax yarn that makes Balega’s socks among the most comfortable performance sock on the market, relies entirely upon science fact rather than science fiction. By utilizing silver’s scientific properties to interrupt cells of bacteria from forming the chemical bond necessary for growth their new line of socks will not on keep your foot cool and dry like the Balega socks we all know and love so well, but provide an antimicrobial environment that is fresh and odor free.

If the science that went in to designing this sock wasn’t impressive enough, the way it fits and feels would certainly be enough to have McKayla Maroney (famously ‘not impressed’ by silver as evident from the popular internet meme’s during the 2012 London Games) un-purse her lips and uncross her arms. The construction isn’t dissimilar to that of running shoes themselves: secure the heel and mid-foot, while allowing the toes to splay freely and naturally. According to Balega, “The Silver sock uses a combination of different elastane modulus yarns and different knitting tensions to create a more compressive fit and arch support without constricting blood flow or movement.” Of course these socks feature Balega’s trademark hand-linked toe box for a fit that is second to none. When I put them on for the first time I remarked that they were like pajamas for your feet! Just like on Reading Rainbow, “You don’t have to take my word for it,” these silver socks are waiting for you to come and try them out for yourself.

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