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The Places You Can Run in Tacoma

Tacoma is a hidden gem of Washington. It's got everything from trails to beautiful, scenic neighborhoods. We asked runners where they like to run and why. If you are new to Tacoma we highly recommend that you check these places out. If you already live in Tacoma, we think you'll agree! 

 1. Ruston Way and North Tacoma

Tacoma Ruston Way 

“Ruston way, beautiful views, fresh air, friendly people and safe side walks cause I am clumsy.” –Norelle Iyer

 “North Pearl to PDP, down to Ruston Point and back up Baltimore - the hill is ginormous and I feel badass after. I get to see the park, the water then finish up with a monster hill” –Jennifer Lynn Victorino

 “[Ruston waterfront] Can't beat the scenery: Puget Sound and mountains in all directions! It's flat and you never have to cross a street, so it's great for stroller runs or tempo runs.” –Beth Carter Barkin

 “Down Baltimore across Ruston Way to Katie D and back again. Love my backyard!” –RC Victorino

 “I enjoy running in my Northend neighbourhood. I like watching the seasonal changes in the urban wildlife.” –Lawrence Bradley

 “I love running all of Ruston and then out along dock street. It's beautiful and you get a wonderful view of the city as well as the sound.” –Kristin Hatcher


2. Point Defiance

Point Defiance Trails

“Point Defiance, either road or trail. It is not just that it is a beautiful place but there is always something different to see or notice when there. A specific tree's shape, a new flower, a gang of raccoons, a deer, a glimpse of a bald eagle soaring above, smell, or the sounds of wildlife or from the zoo. Not only is it physically stimulating, it is mentally stimulating as well” –Quinn Ottaway

 “Point Defiance trails South of the Dog Park. I like the narrow trails and the hills!”-Matt Wood

 “I love Point Defiance Park. On longer run days you can go through the park, then continue through Ruston to the waterfront, out and back to the park. You get to enjoy the trees and hills of the park, then the water and flat on Ruston Way.” –Justin Wake

 “Point Defiance on the trails. Gives you a break from pounding pavement and its so pretty!” –Jennifer Tyler

 “I love the trails because of the great views and how many options there are - you don't have to be running the same route over and over.” –Elizabeth Hansen

 “I love running the waterfront at Ruston. During the summer they stop all cars until noon from coming into Pt Defiance so that is my second. Third is anything that goes across the Narrows Bridge.” –Phil Sturholm


3. Chambers Bay

Chambers Bay

“Chambers Bay. The scenery is beautiful, the path is wide and you can choose a big monster hill or switch backs to run up.” –Laura Ladd-Ortego

 “Chambers for the beautiful views!” –Kim Zook


4. Wright Park

“Wright Park, old trees, great paths, people watching, some hills, just a nice place to run.” –Kriss Schatza


5. Titlow Beach

Titlow Beach


“Titlow Beach…faces to the West, gets the last sunshine thru the trees, always very beautiful over there.” –Matt Piper

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