Tune up 2 Tybee

I might run fast. I might run slow. Depending on time, I might even cut the course. And that's ok. Because there is no course. And no time. There is only the distance: 15.5 miles. This weekend--Saturday, to be precise—I’ll try to be back before all of the other Tune Up 2 Tybee participants finish their 15.5 mile jaunts, to ready the shirts, awards and food for them.  If I'm having a really good day, I'll make it back in time to see our first finishers arrive.  If I'm having an ok day, I'll arrive at the same time as our first finishers (hopefully) and ask them to help me ready all the goodies.  And if I'm having a bad day...well, I'll simply cut the course short and have plenty of time, either way (but don't worry; I'm an unofficial participant, not eligible for awards or placement anywho).

On Saturday, January 10th at 7:00 AM, 101 of your closest (and craziest) running friends will set out to tackle a 25K…as a training run. The winners won’t get their names in the paper, won’t be carried off on the shoulders of other runners Rudy-style, and certainly won’t be asked to go on late-night television to talk about their exploits. No, the winners of each category—just like all of the other participants in those categories—will get a wrench, a shirt, and some finger foods. If they’re running the Tybee Run Fest four weeks later, they will also have gotten a really good training run in. Some will decide mid-way to run less than 15.5 miles, some will decide mid-way to make it more than 15.5 miles, and some will probably decide not to show up altogether (sometimes the bed just feels entirely too good). And that’s ok, because this is all voluntary; that’s right, it’s meant to be fun, no matter how hard or easy on yourself you make it.

Thanks to all those that signed up—we can’t believe it filled up that quickly!—and we’ll see you this Saturday a touch before 7:00. Don’t forget to bring your GPS watch…and a smile. And stick around after you finish—whatever time that ends up being—for food and drink, or simply to enjoy the comradery of the running community and to shop. Until then, safe and happy training, and Happy New Year; let’s start this thing off right!

-Chris Ramsey

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