Thank You

I should probably save this post for next week, when it's truly "Christmas/Holiday Week", but I'm a realist and recognize that there is an awful lot going on then and emails tend to fall by the wayside and get lost in the shuffle (right now, you might be wishing this email had gotten lost in the shuffle...).  I won't drag this out, but simply wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for another great year-a difficult, highs and lows, smile-while-you're-crying, type of year-because without your support, it's not a stretch to say that we wouldn't have made it.  Our people-my coworkers-are our greatest commodity; not our shoes, nor our insoles, nor our clothing.  And because you continue to recognize that fact, we continue to be relevant in a day and age when it's become increasingly easy to simply shop online from the comfort of your overstuffed recliner.  So thank you; thank you for your hard-earned money, thank you for your heartfelt hugs and well-wishes, thank you for your race-day high-fives, and thank you, more than anything, for helping to make (and keep) Savannah a great place to be active and call home.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

 - Chris Ramsey

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