Here To Stay

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve heard the same two sentiments spoken enough that they really stick out to me: 1.) We’re so sorry for your loss and 2.) Will the store stay open? 

I’m not surprised by #1; I expect to hear that for a long, long time because of the impact Robert has had on us all.  But I will admit that #2 surprised me; maybe I’m just naïve, but the first time I heard it, I assumed the customer was asking if our “normal business hours” would remain intact the first week or so.  But I was wrong, because those customers thought we might end up closing our doors for good, and were relieved when I told them we were not; that we are HERE TO STAY. 

I spoke about it a few weeks back, but there has been a lot of heartache for a lot of folks the last few weeks and months.  So much so that it was often hard to find the good sprinkled in amongst all the bad.  It was just plain HARD to do the “norm” some days.  But, just this past week, we were reminded why we do what we do--there has been a lot to celebrate, especially for us here at Fleet Feet Savannah:

  1. Lauren Denmark got married on Saturday, July 25 (you finally got it right, Big Mike!).  CONGRATS, Lauren and Michael!
  2. In remembrance of Robert, but also for himself (believe me, when you do that much training, at least some of it has to be for yourself…that or you’re just, plain loony!) , our good friend Ernie Ledesma finished yet another Ironman: Ironman Whistler, on Sunday, July 26.  And we couldn’t be more proud.
  3. As of your reading of this (Tuesday, July 28 we hope), Jennifer Warren (wife to Billy Warren, a longtime manager here at Fleet Feet) will be enjoying the rigors of labor as baby #3 (all girls, I might add) makes her way into the world.  Welcome, Brooklyn Warren!
  4. On that same day—Tuesday, July 28—we run together (beginning and ending in Ellis Square) to remember the life of Robert Espinoza.  Starting at 6:30pm, we will run 2, 4, 5 and/or 6.5 miles.  We will do so with tears in our eyes, sweat on our brows, and smiles on our faces.  The perfect way to run, if you ask me.

I like to write, so I could drag this out, but there’s really no sense in it; as we used to read in the children’s books we perused growing up, “the moral of the story” is that there is always something we can be sad or unhappy about.  Something that makes the comfort of bed and the shadows in our bedroom more reasonable than the light and noise of the outside world.  But then a new life begins (through the acceptance of a new last name AND the first time a happy couple gets to hold their new child), or some kind-beyond-measure person shows you the real power of courage and fortitude, or we get to celebrate the life and spirit of a true visionary and friend to the city the way he’d want it celebrated.

We’re not going anywhere; the store means too much to us, and from what I can tell, you too.  Robert left big shoes to fill…but we’re a big-footed staff, so we’re slowly but surely going to manage.  For him, for Cookie, and for us.  And we’re going to find the joy in life at every turn in the road, every mile mark, and every new face that walks in our front door.  “Welcome to Fleet Feet Savannah.”

-Chris Ramsey

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