Favorite Time of Year


It would be an understatement to say that this is my favorite time of year. I know high school football is coming, college football is on its way, school just started, and at some point we will turn the corner on this hot weather. Well I’m not a huge football fan, even though I do listen when the staff talks about it. I’m supposed to pull for any team in the SEC, but let’s add the Texas Longhorns, considering I spent a bunch of my time in Austin, and I could be classified a Texican. I have been perfectly clear that I don’t like school of any kind, so I still get the heebie geebies when I drive by a school. And honestly, I really like the hot weather and humidity. As much as I like cool weather because I get to drink hot chocolate, and wear a foodie, summer - you can stay around as long as you want. So why is it my favorite time of the year? That’s easy. High School Cross Country is HERE!!!!!! Although Savannah is not the hot bed of HSXC, we do host one of the largest kickoff meets in the state at Daffin Park. The Saucony XC Kickoff meet will happen this Saturday at Daffin Park. Teams are coming from all over Georgia and South Carolina and will compete against each other for the Kickoff Cup. Richmond Hill will be back to defend the cup for the girls and Wayne County for the boys. Don’t forget there is also an open division at 7am for anyone who wants to run before the high school competition begins. We only take 200 open participants, so if you’re in the Lucky 13 competition and you have not signed up, you should this week. Don’t get me wrong, although I don’t watch a bunch of football, I do enjoy watching people get excited about their favorite football teams. But for me this time of year, nothing compares to seeing high school or college kids line up for HSXC. It’s not one of the glamour sports, but one of the best sports ever, to say the least. There are no time outs, no half times, just running hard until you gave your all for you, and your team. See this Saturday, kicking grass, and probably some mud.

Robert Espinoza
"Keep Your Chin Up for Strength, and Down For Prayer"
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