Critz Tybee Run Fest

To some reading this, my words have likely fallen on deaf ears in the past-not because they didn't enjoy my writing (I hope), but because they felt like I wasn't talking about (or to) them; that my words, although heartfelt, simply didn't pertain to someone that wasn't actively "competing". While I always try to guard against that, I realize that my words may oftentimes lean more towards running than they do simple, healthy in an attempt to combat that, I think this week offers up the perfect opportunity to do just that. It's Critz Tybee Run Fest week, after all! 

In an effort to keep this nice and simple, let me remind you why, no matter your skill level or how far you can trek, the Critz Tybee Run Fest is the "race" for you: there are five separate events, for crying out loud! Fitness walkers are just as likely to enjoy the 2.8 mile beach run as they are the 10K earlier that morning, and the 5K the night prior is always an absolute blast, offering up an experience under the stars (where no one can actually see how fast or slow you're going, anywho!). Of course, let us not forget the bookends on Saturday-the longest (half-marathon) and shortest (1 mile) offerings that are up for grabs. To some, "run one or run 'em all" is just a clever tagline, but although it is indeed an astute observation, I assert that it's so very much more: it's an invitation for the entire family to enjoy a little slice of paradise here in Savannah, in the form of a trip out to Tybee Island, where you can get in the run (or walk) of your choice...then stick around for wonderful food and drink after. And you might just get in some quality time with your family and friends, to boot!

Get your miles in, enjoy this nice weather while it sticks around, and I'll hope to see you this Friday and Saturday, out on Tybee.


~ Chris Ramsey

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