Conviction and Efficiency

As I sat down to prepare some notes for an upcoming store meeting, I started to work through my thoughts on being efficient, yet thorough.  Having the conviction to know what a customer needs, whether it’s what they wanted or not, and sticking to your guns (sure, there’s always some wiggle room there, but folks come in to see us because they trust us to know the path that leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle, not to “stumble into” the right options).  As I really began to focus on my ideas, I realized how applicable they also are for our customers: weekend warriors, fun-runners, racers and novices alike.  Robert recently found and posted an inspirational video on our Facebook page (if you haven’t seen it, here is the direct link—warning, there is a single curse word present in the montage:, and I think this lends itself very well to my message: no matter how fast (or slow) you run, it’s about having the conviction to get out there; the conviction to put one foot in front of the other; the conviction to put your heart before your brain, when your legs say “stop!” and your lungs say “you can’t do it!”, and to believe in yourself.  In running, just like in most any job (ours included), efficiency is oftentimes best.  But what if you’re having an off day?—the weather isn’t the best, or you’ve got an upset stomach, or you simply don’t have your mojo?  Efficiency might be best, but it’s not your only option.  What sets us apart as a business, and what sets you apart as a runner (whatever kind of runner that is!), is that we keep moving forward, even when things aren’t perfect right from the start; step after step and mile after mile, we all strive to give our best, even if our best isn’t the easiest, fastest route to take.  Keep your head up and your legs churning and you’ll get to the finish line…whether you’re running or not.

- Chris Ramsey

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