(Video) National Fitness Program in Fort Wayne Motivates Participants to Start Running


A national fitness program in Fort Wayne is motivating participants to get off of the couch and to start running. 

It started just 6 weeks ago and focuses mainly on those who don't typically run.

It's a program that is helping some in Fort Wayne reach their fitness goals.  The main purpose is to start them off slowly, but after just 12 weeks they will be able to run their first 5K.

"It's really quite rewarding to see somebody that's never ran before in their lives, that has gained weight that has now gotten up off the couch, and is able to run as an activity, and they have a whole different outlook on life."

Kevin Croy is the Owner of Fleet Feet Sports in Fort Wayne.

"A lot of them had never run before, we started them off with a walk/run program so they started off just running one minute, walking three.  Now they're up to running three minutes at a time and walking one minute."

The group meets twice a week on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings for runs.

"They will run each day or cross-train each day."

Runners meet a Fleet Feet Sports to run and Croys tells us the no-boundaries program has truly worked for some.

"A lot of them have lost quite a bit of weight during the program as well.  We had one lady that has lost about 23 pounds." 

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