Resolve to Make Flow Part of Your New Year

Two weeks into the new year, over 30 percent of those with resolutions have fallen off the bandwagon. By six months, it’s projected to be over 55 percent. A 2013 study by the University of Scranton found only about 8% of respondents kept their resolution over the long haul. 

Maybe the New Year’s resolution equation is wrong. What if this year, instead of making quantitative goals to lose weight and run more, you made a qualitative goal to enjoy each run more? I don’t mean in some Pollyanna-ish way where you convince yourself each step is wonderful. I’m talking about a highly studied phenomenon that involves goal setting, challenges, skills, and focus. I’m talking about actively seeking those moments where everything comes together in perfect harmony, where the mind stays engaged on the task at hand and finds it highly enjoyable. I’m talking about doing something for the inherent joy it brings.
I’m talking about flow.


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