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We believe in building thriving local running communities, helping people reach their goal of business ownership, and developing passionate leaders. 


David & Debby Spetnagel

St. Louis, MO
Owners since 1993

David used to be a rocket scientist and spent time at both NASA and McDonnell Douglas. Debby is a former CPA who continues to bring David back down to earth. Don't worry, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to open a Fleet Feet Sports. They now own 6 stores in the St. Louis market. 

Julie & Wade Pannell

Spokane, WA
Owners since 2012

Wade and Julie worked together at a sporting goods store when they were dating in college. After 20 years in other careers, they've returned to their roots and are passionate about promoting fitness in Spokane.  They opened a second store in 2014.

Stephanie & Carrie Blozy

Hartford, CT
Owners since 2008

Fleet Feet Sports Hartford is owned by sisters Stephanie and Carrie Blozy. Prior to owning the store, Stephanie was a meteorologist and Carrie worked as a CPA and traveled the world auditing international companies for the U.S. Commerce Department.

Joel & Renine Stansloski

Wichita, KS
Operating Partners since 2015

Did you know that one third of Fleet Feet Sports stores are run by former employees? Joel worked at Fleet Feet Sports Tulsa for 6 years and became the GM there before taking on the role of operating partner with his wife in Wichita. They have one store on the east side and one on the west.

Suzanne & Dink Taylor

Huntsville, AL
Owners since 2004

Dink has run more than 1,100 races, winning the overall title 45 times, mostly in ultra marathons. Suzanne has been an avid runner for more than 20 years. She’s run 7 marathons, including 2 Boston Marathons.

Jessica & Matt Anderson

Madison, WI
Owners since 2005

Jessica and Matt moved from California (where Jessica worked for our store in Sacramento) back to their home state of Wisconsin to open a Fleet Feet Sports in the capital city.  They opened a second store in 2014.

Dave & Hollie Eeingenburg

Schererville, IN
Owners since 2008

Dave and Hollie began as Trek bicycle store owners almost 30 years ago!  Now they also promote health and fitness in Northwest Indiana through their Fleet Feet Sports store.

Michelle Fogle

Wilmington, NC
Operating Partner since 2014

Prior to becoming an operating partner, Michelle was in the professional sports industry. She worked in the NFL for the Houston Texans and in the NHL for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Brandon & Kimberly Frank

Meridian, ID
Owners since 2015

Brandon and Kimberly are not only runners -- Brandon played collegiate soccer and owned a children's soccer school and Kimberly is a registered nurse.

Bobby & Karen Levin

Baltimore, MD
Owners since 2003

Bobby and Karen have both run two Boston Marathons. They ran in both 2006 and 2008.

Andy & Kathy Roat

Des Moines, IA
Owners since 2014

Andy and Kathy opened the first Fleet Feet Sports store in the state of Iowa. Prior to opening the store, Andy was in radio sales and Kathy was a trainer.

Tony & Natalie Vice

Stockton & Modesto, CA
Owners since 2005

After owning the Stockton store for 10 years, Tony and Natalie opened Fleet Feet Sports Modesto in 2015. Their two stores are now referred to as Fleet Feet StoMo.

Jeff, Jason & Ashley Wells

Richmond, VA
Owners since 2014

Jeff, Jason & Ashley have operated more than 7 different Fleet Feet Sports stores both separately and together. In fact, Jeff originally opened our store in Jackson, MS in 2002. They joined forces as a family to open Fleet Feet Sports Richmond in 2014 and Fleet Feet Sports Short Pump in 2015.

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