What is under those shorts?

We’ve always been taught – “it’s what’s on the inside the counts”, right? The same philosophy goes for running shorts – what’s on the inside makes a big difference on fit, feel, and support.

There are multiple options to choose from for both men and women. Here is a breakdown of the basic styles.

Brief liner – the traditional line that you are used to finding in most running shorts. Usually comprised of a lightweight mesh that is airy and breathable. This is meant to take the place of regular underwear, so no need to double up!

No liner – do you find those mesh liners annoying and immediately cut them out of your shorts? Opt for a short that comes free of a liner and you won’t have to perform surgery on brand new apparel. Usually these types of shorts have longer inseams and a more modest cut.

2 in 1 liner – the most modern option, this is a compression short that is meant to fit snuggly underneath the looser top layer. It has seen an increase in popularity for both men and women over the past few years and multiple brands produce this style. Great as a cross-training short because it provides more coverage for the gym and exercise that have you flexing and bending in varying positions.

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