Summer No Boundaries Training Starts June 3rd!

Beginner 5K Training

On Saturday June 3rd we will begin our next No Boundaries program.  No Boundaries is a Beginner Level 5K Training that is specifically designed for individuals who are currently inactive or new to fitness.  We will have groups that are training to walk the 5K distance along with run/walkers and runners.  This 8-week long program is the best way to kick-start a fitness routine.  Don’t believe us?  Take it from Liz:

  • Name Liz Ashby
  • Favorite Post Race Food  water, water, water - and a cup of hot tea when I finally get to sit down
  • Favorite Piece of Training Equipment or Apparel  compression socks!
  • Favorite place or time to run?  in the mornings - in the neighborhood
  • How have training programs and running/walking/triathlon changed your life?  I never had a problem with my weight but as I got older, the pounds just seemed to appear. I tried all kinds of quick fixes - both diets and exercise plans but nothing seemed to work for me. Finally, my daughter and I committed to eating "clean" and we started the No Boundaries program - in the winter! I was surprised that I looked forward to the sessions and I couldn't believe that I could actually run in the cold, ice, and snow! I ran a 5K that spring - and have been running ever since. The classes help keep me motivated - there are tons of reasons to miss a training but having that accountability helped me consistently run with the class. Everyone is so encouraging - trainers and participants! I love running with Fleet Feet!

Check out more testimonials… and join us at an info-session at 6:0PM on Tuesday May 30th to learn more! 

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