No More Chafing Allowed!

Marathon and half-marathon season is upon us.  That means early mornings and long, sweaty miles.  It also means chafing.  You know what I’m talking about.  After finishing up a long run, you come home to take a shower and the second your body hits the water a (sometimes) silent scream creeps in.  You’ve chafed, and it’s awful. 

Many veteran runners won’t even consider going on a run, no matter what time of year, without applying Body Glide.  Triathletes swear by this stick in order to get their wetsuits off and then make it through all three legs of their race without fail.  Body Glide is an Anti-Chafe stick meant to create a clear barrier on your skin to protect from chafing all day long. 

We offer Body Glide Original, For Her Glide, Sun Glide, Foot Glide, and Pain Glide.  For Her Glide offers essential oils and vitamins to soothe the more sensitive spots on a woman’s body.  Sun Glide offers SPF 30 for sun protection and chafe protection, it’s water and sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes.  Foot Glide is their anti-blister stick for those of us, who even in the right shoe and sock combo, are still prone to blisters.  Pain Glide is formulated for those muscle aches and pains before and after workouts.

If you haven’t tried Body Glide yet swing by the store and grab a stick, we offer multiple sizes in our Original Body Glide and For Her Glide.

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