Fight the Funk with Sweat X

The weather is finally heating up and summer has arrived!  We are all struggling with the warmer weather and sweating constantly.  Have you ever noticed after washing your running clothes that they still smell a bit funky?  Do you trade your Super Feet out of your shoes and wonder what that smell is?!  Traditional laundry detergent is usually too thick to get through the cells of athletic wear and truly clean, hence why your clothes always smell like you just ran in them! 

Getting a detergent specifically designed to work with your running clothes is the best way to ensure longevity and cleanliness.  We offer Sweat X detergent to help maintain your apparel, it is non-toxic and biodegradable, as well as easy on the skin.  One cap full in each load is enough to keep your clothes so fresh and so clean.  The stain remover helps get out anything like dirt, blood, and even chocolate when you’re enjoying your post-run chocolate milk.  Sweat and funk can travel to things like your gym bag or your insoles and that’s where the odor spray comes in.  

If you find your running clothes are less than fresh, swing by the store and grab a bottle!

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